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Mecosta Co. Clerk gears up for Nov. Election on Tuesday

With the 2020 presidential election just days away, Mecosta County Clerk Marcee Purcell says there is a lot to do before Tuesday. 

We have gotten a lot of phone calls because there are alot of people who have never voted before and are unfamiliar with the voting process.” Purcell said   “It's really the first I think major election that proposal 3 really had an impact on the election as far as voter registration and no reason absentee votes.”

As of Wednesday, 10,234 absentee ballots have been issued in Mecosta County and 8,148 have been returned according to Purcell.  


Another challenge the Mecosta Co. Clerk is facing is training election inspectors before this election.


Normally I do my training, I have to train all of the election inspectors and normally I do the training before the August primary well I'm doing my training this week and I have four days of training scheduled because think that voting precincts are taking on a lot of new people and maybe have had several people that decided they didn't want to work due to COVID which is another challenge.” Purcell said. 

If a voter wants to change their ballot in any way or “spoil” it then they have the option of going to their clerk’s office with proper identification and changing their ballot but Purcell says they only have until Monday, Nov. 2nd to do that, once the ballot goes to the voting precinct it will be counted as a final vote.


To find where to vote in Mecosta County CLICK HERE



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