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The District Health Department #10 (DHD#10) is reporting two different COVID vaccine scams occurring in Mecosta County.


One involved someone going door to door posing as the health department and the other involved someone attempting to sell vaccines to others.


The first occurrence involved two individuals who reported that someone pretending to be from the health department came to their door offering to give them a $30 gift card if they would allow that person to vaccinate them. One of the individuals contacted the police and filed a report. 


In the other occurrence, an individual notified DHD#10 that someone tried to sell him a Johnson & Johnson vaccine and stated the person had a cooler full of the vaccine. It is unknown if the vaccines were real or where the person obtained them.


DHD#10 urges everyone to be very vigilant and suspicious of anyone offering to give or sell them vaccines. The COVID-19 vaccine can only be administered by a vaccine-certified health department, doctor’s office, federally qualified health center, pharmacy, or hospital system. The only time DHD#10 would visit someone in their home to provide a vaccine would be for those that are homebound. In that situation, DHD#10 would call them first and schedule a date and time for that to occur. 

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