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Health Department urges residents to be proactive amid booming tick season

Areas across Michigan, including Northern Michigan, are seeing an explosion of tick activity this year. As the weather becomes nicer and people head outdoors to enjoy nature,


District Health Department #10 (DHD#10) reminds everyone to exercise proper precautions to prevent human-tick interactions.   



Proper precautions include: 
  • Being aware of your surroundings. Most tick encounters happen in shady, moist wooded and grassy areas and fields near wooded areas.  
  • Applying EPA-registered insect repellent that contains 20% or more DEET, picaridin, or IR3535, to skin or clothing according to label’s instructions.  
  • Wearing clothing that has been treated with permethrin. 
  • Walking in the center of trails and avoid walking in areas with tall grass and brush. 
  • Conducting a full-body check of yourself and your pets for ticks after spending time outdoors.  
  • Drying clothing on high heat for 60 minutes to kill any remaining ticks. 
  • Taking a shower as soon as you can after coming indoors. 
  • Talking to your vet about tick bite prevention products for your pets.  



Michigan also offers tick identification resources to residents and visitors for free. Physical ticks can be placed in a container and mailed to MDHHS, or photos may be submitted to 


Questions regarding ticks and other vectors should be directed to DHD#10’s Environmental Health Division at 888-217-3904.  

Additional information regarding ticks and Lyme disease can be found here: 

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