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District Health Department #10 releases findings from COVID-19 survey

As COVID-19 vaccination rates declined across District Health Department #10’s (DHD#10) jurisdiction, a survey was created to understand vaccine hesitancy within the communities and to increase vaccination rates. This survey allowed participants to identify their main concerns about receiving the vaccine or identify concerns they may have heard from others in the community.  


The survey was sent out to the public around the first of May 2021. Nearly 300 responses were received within the first week of sharing the survey, with a grand total of 349 responses received when the survey closed at the end of May. Approximately two-thirds of respondents had already received the vaccine but were willing to share what they heard in their community about why others were not receiving the vaccine. Approximately one-third of respondents had yet to be vaccinated. The following is a snapshot of the responses received from the survey (infographic also provided below): 


  • When asked why individuals did not receive the vaccine, the following are the responses: 
    • Those who were vaccinated responded that they overheard others saying the following: 
      • 61% - COVID is no big deal 
      • 69% - are concerned about side effects 
      • 70% - said vaccine development was too quick 
    • Those who were not vaccinated responded with the following: 
      • 18% - COVID is no big deal 
      • 58% - are concerned about side effects 
      • 60% - said vaccine development was too quick. 
  • When asked what would make them more likely to receive the vaccine, 66% of those who are unvaccinated responded with “Nothing” and 34% responded with “Other” and wrote in the following reasons: 
    • Further research 
    • A requirement for employment or activities 
    • Convenience 

“This survey gives us valuable insight into some hesitancies people in our jurisdiction have about getting the COVID-19 vaccine,” stated DHD#10 Health Officer Kevin Hughes. “As more research is presented on the effectiveness of the vaccine, individuals will have more concrete information from which to make an informed decision."  


This survey also gathered input on where clinics should be held in the community and the preferred clinic times. This information was collected, and DHD#10 was able to transition to hosting pop-up community clinics at various locations provided by participants. This survey also influenced DHD#10 to implement longer clinic hours on each Tuesday of the month. Pop-up clinics and adjusted hours help to increase the accessibility of the covid vaccine. 


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