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Big Rapids Police Blotter: Weekend



40-2102258 @ 10:10am Disorderly at MOISD Education Center.

40-2102259 @ 11:05am Check well-being 400 block S. Warren, Male had not shown up for work the last two days. Contact was made with him.  He said he was sick.  Advised him to contact work.

40-2102260 @ 12:46pm 1000 block Perry Ave Larceny of a TV, under investigation.

40-2102261 @ 2:21pm H&R PPDA 1300 block Catherine.

40-2102262 @ 3:25pm H& R PPDA Third/Maple. 

40-2102263 @ 3:58pm walk in UDAA Complainant bought a vehicle for a friend to use, friend has had vehicle for last month will not return it.

40-2102264 @ 3:19pm Natural death 600 block Bjornson.

40-2102265 @ 5:11pm PDA State/Pine.

40-2102266 @ 6:56pm MDOP/road rage. S State/S city limit A white Cloud male advised he had a male in a white Ford Focus throw an object at his windshield causing a chip on his windshield. The driver of the Ford then sped off. It was last seen at Meijer. Under investigation

40-2102267 @ 9:32pm Traffic Stop State/Pine resulted in driver being issued a citation for no insurance.  Vehicle towed by Curries

40-2102268 @ 10:28pm Traffic Stop S Michigan/ Locust resulted in driver being issued a citation for no insurance. vehicle towed by BR Tow

40-2102269 @ 12:46am Suspicious Michigan/ Locust. While on patrol officers located a blue Ford Fusion running with its driver door and trunk open and an iPhone on the roof of the car. The vehicle owner was unable to be located. The vehicle was secured at the time with a business card left. The iPhone was taken as property. The owner was later located.




40-2102270 @ 9:51am Suspicious 400 block S Michigan. Male was concerned about the behavior of female due to items going missing and getting tampered with. Male also stated that he was concerned about her wellbeing after finding a letter. Male admitted he had not seen the female tamper with or take any of the items. He also admitted that he couldn't read what was on the letter and did not actually know it was from the female.

40-2102271 @ 10:43am Civil 800 block Perry Ave Customer was upset after paying for a meal which was ordered to go and was not ready yet and wanted a refund. Restaurant protocol was to submit it through corporate since there was no function for refund readily available. They were able to locate the way to refund the order.

40-2102272- @11:15am 2 Vehicle PDA Michigan/Maple.

40-2102273 @ 12:36pm CSC 800 block Country Way. Complainant reported that a male kissed her and touched her inappropriately.  Male possibly suffering from onset Alzheimer's/dementia.

40-2102274 @ 7:20pm 1100 block Catherine Check wellbeing- Caller requested a check on her sister.  She reported she has not heard from her, and she has not answered any social media in over a week. This is not normal for her. A TV could be heard in the bedroom area of the residence, but no one would answer the door.  Her credit card was used yesterday at Admiral.

40-2102275 @ 9:25pm 100 block N Third. Two females got into an argument after one showed up at the others house wanting to fight her. She was trespassed from the residence.

40-2102276 @ 1:44am 300 block Winter. Resident called when woken up to a male banging on the picture window and front door. Male was highly intoxicated and believed he was at his house. Even after being told several times, he was not at his house he believed he was.  He also told us he was going home from the football game, which ended several hours earlier.  Male was checked out by EMS and cleared. He was given a ride home. He was missing a white sneaker and had a cut on his hand. It is unknown where he was before he showed up on Winter.

40-2102277 @ 1:21am 100 block S Michigan. A fight occurred in the bar resulting in a male being punched in the face receiving minor lacerations. One of the managers identified another male as being the suspect. Upon reviewing video, the only person seen being punched was the suspect.  He did not want to speak with officers, and the victim did not wish to pursue anything. 



40-2102278 @ 2:07pm Baldwin and N. State PDC

40-2102279 @ 4:05pm Water Tower and Fuller.  Check on a vehicle that had smoke coming out of the hood.  Put out before arrival.

40-2102280 @ 4:17pm State and Ferris. Dispatched for a motorist assist, Driver was found to be operating without a DL.  She was cited.

40-2102281 @ 5:36pm Clark and Morrison.  PDC

40-2102282 @ 5:46pm 900 block Sheridan.  Assist to MCSO for subjects in a field with flashlights.  Contact was made and they were looking for an injured doe.

40-2102283 @ 12:34am Open Door.  100 block N. Michigan

40-2102284 @ 12:42am Open Door.  100 block S. Michigan

40-2102285 @ 12:49am 1300 block Catherine.  Verbal argument between male and female.  Female left for the evening.


Local High School Schedule & Scores

CSAA Basketball (Boys)


White Cloud 48 @ Big Rapids 53 (OT)

  -> Game broadcasting on WBRN 1460am, 96.5fm

Lakeview 46 @ Tri County 54

C Montcalm 55 @ Kent City 52 (OT) 

Chip Hills 48 @ Newaygo 58

Grant 41 @ Reed City 60


Reed City 32 @ Cadillac 54

Morley Stanwood 68 @ Tri County 63

Shepherd 56 @ Chip Hills 39

Lakeview 58 @ St Louis 50


CSAA Tournament

  Big Rapids 48 @ Reed City 46 (CSAA Tourn Champ)

      -> Game broadcasting on WBRN 1460am, 96.5fm

      -> Big Rapids Wins CSAA Tournament

  Chip Hills 30 @ Kent City 56 (CSAA Tourn)

  C Montcalm 40 @ Newaygo 82 (CSAA Tourn)

  Lakeview 41 @ Morley Stanwood 52 (CSAA Tourn)

2/22/24 - 7:00pm

Montague @ Grant

Morley Stanwood @ Tri County (CSAA Tourn)

2/23/24 - 7:00pm

C Montcalm @ Midland Calvary Bap

CSAA Basketball (Girls)

2/19/24 - 7:00pm

Hart 45 @ Morley Stanwood 40

Newaygo 38 @ Oakridge 46

2/20/24 - 7:00pm

Chip Hills 33 @ Beal City 67

Big Rapids 39 @ Cadillac 41

Whitehall 44 @ Grant 71

Hesperia 18 @ Tri County 71

Lakeview 55 @ Pine River 41

Reed City 36 @ McBain 40

2/21/24 - 7:00pm

Shelby 41 @ Newaygo 48

2/23/24 - 7:30pm

Tri County @ Big Rapids (7:00p)

Reed City @ C Montcalm

Morley Stanwood @ Grant

Lakeview @ Kent City

Newaygo @ Chip Hills


Big Rapids Ice Hockey (12-12-1)

MHSAA Regional 21: 2/24/24

Big Rapids#4 @ E Grand Rapids#1 (7:15pm)

GR CC#3 @ GR Christian#2 (4:15pm)

CSAA Basketball Standings

CSAA - Boys

  1. Reed City 18-3 (10-0)
  2. White Cloud 16-5 (8-2)
  3. Big Rapids   15-6 (8-2)
  4. Grant   13-6 (8-2)
  5. Newaygo 13-8 (6-4)
  6. Central Montcalm 8-12 (4-6)
  7. Kent City 7-14 (4-6)
  8. Tri County 6-15 (3-7)
  9. Chip Hills 5-16 (3-7)
  10. Morley Stanwood 2-17 (1-9)
  11. Lakeview 5-16 (0-10)

CSAA - Girls

  1. Morley Stanwood 15-3 (8-1)
  2. Grant 13-4 (8-1)
  3. Kent City 15-4 (7-2)
  4. Reed City 11-8 (7-2)
  5. Big Rapids 10-8 (6-3)
  6. Lakeview 10-9 (4-5)
  7. Central Montcalm 8-11 (4-5)
  8. Newaygo 10-9 (3-6)
  9. White Cloud 7-13 (2-8)
  10. Tri County 3-14 (1-8)
  11. Chip Hills 1-18 (0-9)

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