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Local gym owner offers advice to those who want to be healthier in 2022

It's about to be 2022 and people are making their new years resolutions to get in shape and get healthier.


John Durante of JD Fit in downtown Big Rapids says one piece of advice he can give those who want to get healthier for the new year is having patience.


So anything worthwhile takes time and we try to teach you that exercise is a lifelong endeavor and it's something that you're going to do multiple times a week for the rest of your life to maintain your health.” Durante said.


The mistakes I see people make is going too hard too fast, people with that type A personality that is just very intrinsically motivated they just go, go, go they diet down and then they just kill themselves through extreme measures then they just get sick of it and develop a negative relationship with exercising and dieting and just don't want to do it again.” Durante said.


The owner of JD Fit says he trains a number of different clients from high school athletes to college athletes to the average person who just wants to get back in shape. Durante says he will create a personalized workout plan for you and what goals you want to attain.


For more information, CLICK HERE or you can contact John at 231-349-8870.


Local High School Schedule & Scores

Week of 1/30/23:

Big Rapids:

Tuesday 1/31:

   - Girls Bball v Cadillac - 7:00pm W 55-42

   - Boys BBall @ Cedar Springs - 7:00pm W 38-32

Wednesday 2/1:

   - Boys Wrestling v Central Montcalm - 5:00pm

Friday 2/3:

   - Girls Bball v Morely Stanwood - 6:00pm 

   - Boys Bball v Morely Stanwood - 7:30pm

   - Boys Hockey @ Petosky - 6:00pm

Saturday 2/4:

    - Boys Hockey v Mattawan - 1:30pm

    - Boys Wrestling @ Grant - TBD CSAA Tourney

Reed City: 

Tuesday 1/31:

   - Girls Bball v Manistee - 7:00pm  W 59-44

   - Boys Bball @ Manistee: W 47-42

Wednesday 2/1:

   - Boys Wrestling @ 131 Showdown - 5:30pm

Friday 1/27:

   - Girls BBall @ Howard City - 6:00pm

   - Boys BBall @ Howard City - 7:30pm


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