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Big Rapids Police Weekend Blotter



40-2200955 @ 7:34am 500 block N Warren Ave Suspicious- Juvenile that is suspended, but is doing virtual school, was caught wandering through the halls on 5/12/22. 

40-2200956 @ 9:18am 500 block S Third Retail Fraud- Male was caught shoplifting a couple earbuds.  He was seen in the store two weeks ago doing the same thing.  He was cited, released, and trespassed. 

40-2200957 @ 9:52am 800 block Marion Barking Dog- Caller was complaining about the dogs barking at a residence while the owner was at work. Caller complained of the dog feces and the marijuana smoke.  Caller signed a citation, and the owner was issued a citation. 

40-2200958 Warrant Pick up- Reed City arrested female and met at dispatch.

40-2200959 @ 10:17am State/Pere Marquette- A traffic stop resulted in driver being cited for No Insurance

40-2200960 @ 11:53am 1100 block Catherine Civil- Complainant does not want another female around the trailer because she has an autistic daughter. 

40-2200961 @ 12:22pm 800 block N State St Civil/Warrant arrest- Caller reported male smashed her TV.  Caller went to jail for warrant out of Wexford.  Male was attempting to get U-Haul to get his belongings. 

40-2200962 @ 1:20pm 400 block S Third Civil Called as disorderly/threats/mental- Male became very upset swearing at everyone threatening everyone because his pants were stolen.  He said things to get the reaction.  He calmed down and is remaining at the shelter until they can find him a new place.

40-2200963 @ 3:01pm 500 block S Third Fail to Pay- Clerk was able to get an accurate plate.  Contact was made with the owner.  This was his mom’s car.  He was going to pay it.

40-2200964 @ 8:28pm N Warren/Hemlock Abandoned Vehicle- Curries Towing was called to impound a vehicle that had been tagged with a 48-hour abandoned sticker. While waiting for Curries to arrive, the owner of the vehicle came out and stated he had just gotten back from vacation and had just purchased the vehicle. At that time Curries was disregarded.

40-2200965 @ 1:27am 100 block S Michigan Ave Disorderly- Male became upset when a fellow patron called him stupid. Male slammed his beer bottle down on the bar causing it to break. He had a minor cut on his palm. He was escorted out of the bar by security. He waited with officers for a friend to arrive and give him a ride home because he was too intoxicated to drive.

40-2200966 @ 3:56am Suspicious 100 block S Michigan Ave.- The front door of the building was found unsecured by officers. The interior of the building was secure.

40-2200967 @ 4:19am 800 block Country Way Suspicious- Female left to run to the store and realized both rear tires of her vehicle were flat. She believed the upstairs neighbors let the air out of her tires. Under investigation.  



40-2200969 @ 12:00pm 1100 block Fuller Civil – officers responded to a civil issue between tenants over the use of a washing machine.

40-2200970 @ 12:24pm 400 block S Third Ave. Civil – Complainant reported being harassed by her ex-husband who is homeless in GR. She requested the contacts be documented for possible PPO.

40-2200971 @ 4:28pm 500 block S. Michigan Ave. Suspicious – Complainant advised that a male was possibly using methamphetamine. Under investigation

40-2200973 @ 7:11pm 400 Elm St. Warrant Arrest. Met with Montcalm County who had arrested a male for Criminal Bench Fail to Appear warrant.

40-2200972 @ 7:57pm N. State St/E Grand Traverse Traffic Stop for expired plate led to driver being cited for no insurance. Vehicle impounded by Curries.

40-2200974 @ 0123 500 block W Bridge St- During property inspection a window that was previously broken had plywood removed. Building searched and nothing appeared to be disturbed.

40-2200975 @ 1:38am 1100 block Platt Ave Noise. Male had loud music and was issued a written warning.

40-2200976 @ 3:30am 100 block N. Michigan Ave Suspicious- Open door found. Nothing inside appeared disturbed. Keyholder later responded and nothing was found out of place.  



40-2200977 @ 12:46pm 1800 block Milton Ave. Natural Death. Officers responded to assist with the deceased. Nothing suspicious noted.

40-2200978 @ 2:21am 1100 block Fuller Ave Domestic- Male was intoxicated and woke up girlfriend. He grabbed her hard enough to leave several marks on her arms as he held her against the wall and accused her of cheating. He had marks on his neck from her attempting to push him away. Male was lodged for domestic assault.

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