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Big Rapids Police Blotter 6/16-6/21


40-2201212 @ 9:16am 600 block Adams Items in the yard knocked over during the storm.

40-2201213 @ 11:14am 600 block Maple St Fail to Pay. Driver attempted to use his credit card at the pump, and it did not work. Contact made and driver returned to pay.

40-2201214 @ 3:59pm 400 block W Pine Civil Female was not allowing male in the residence to get belongings, she has paperwork for the eviction process. He has not moved out yet.

40-2201215 @ 5:37pm 100 block S Michigan Officers observed an open door to the empty building. the building was checked. Contact was made with a keyholder, and the door was secured.

40-2201177 Male was arrested on a witness intimidation warrant.

40-2201217 @ 6:15pm 400 block S. Warren.  Suspicious Situation.  Caller stated that juvenile tried to get into his apartment.  Caller however never saw the juvenile.  Juvenile’s mother contacted and advised.

40-2201216 @ 6:30pm 100 block S. Michigan.  Found set of Ford Keys w/ remote start fob turned into the department.

40-2201218 @ 9:44pm 700 block S State St.  Suspicious Person.  Homeless male was begging customers for money to buy beer.  He was located at State and Woodward and advised to leave customers alone.

40-2201219 @ 10:05pm 800 block N 4th.  Noise complaint that turned civil.  Caller stated that a male had his music loud.  Officer arrived on scene and no music was heard.  Contact was made with the male who would only speak with officers on the balcony.  The caller was upset that the male had called her names.  The male went back into his apartment and shut all the lights off.  He came back with an FTA warrant out of Newaygo.  Newaygo requested an attempt be made in the daylight for officer safety.  

40-2201220 @ 11:08pm Civil at 1100 block Fuller.  Third party called 911 and stated that a male stole a dab pen and smoked it.  Contact was made with pen owner who stated he didn't want the male around. 

40-2201221 @ 1:35am Info Only.  Dispatch advised ref the report of an intoxicated female wandering around State St from Northland Flats.  She was located at Marathon.  She was heavily intoxicated and refused help or a ride back to her apartment.  MCSO later responded to a domestic at that residence and lodged her.  





40-2201222 @ 11:23am 1805 Milton tamper with property. Caller had her sons folding camp chair taken on 6/16 between 1330-1600. She located the chair near the basketball court. After reviewing camera, a large build black male is seen taking the chair to the area by the basketball court. 

40-2201223 @ 2:02pm 400 block Marion Suspicious Caller returned home to find someone messing with the deadbolt on the door. The male then fled north on Marion. He described the male as a W/m 5'7' wearing a blue t shirt and jeans. His roommate also reported damage occurred to two screen doors in May. 

40-2201224 @ 2:17pm Walk in civil. Complainant reported her ex just moved out and took his tv he was allowing her son to use

40-2201225 @ 2:53pm 1100 block Fuller PPDA/fail to report. Vehicle hit a downspout damaging it.

40-2201226 @ 6:07pm 200 block Pemberton Assist.  Caller stated that her daughter had a no contact order with juvenile male after he threatened to kill her at her dad’s house in Reed City.  Caller stated that a judge had singed a court order for the no contact.  She didn’t have paperwork in hand, and nothing was located in LEIN.  A welfare check was done on her daughter at the residence in Reed City and she was fine.   

40-2201227 @ 8:53pm 1300 block Catherine.  Civil disagreement over who cut whose fan power cord.

40-2201228 @ 10:34pm Damascus.  Suspicious.  The church had multiple doors open and unlocked.  Some were propped open as well.  Possibly airing the building out.  Building searched and no one located.  Msg left for Pastor.

40-2201229 @ 2:24am 800 block Country Way.  MIP alcohol/ Tobacco.  Caller stated that 4 juveniles had just jumped the fence.  Juveniles were located and all but one was intoxicated.  15-year-old was driven home to Paris.  16-year-old was cited for MIP alcohol and warned on possession of vape.  Turned over to mom and given the vape.  Another 16-year-old was cited for MIP alcohol and turned over to mom. 17-year-old was driven home and vape pens seized. 



40-2201230 @ 9:23pm Number pulled for lost property. It was found prior to report. 

40-2201231 @ 3:04pm 300 block N State St. A brindle color bulldog mix showed up at the restaurant. He was taken to the shelter after enjoying some ice cream.

40-2201232 @ 8:19pm 300 block Morrison St Assault.  Third party called reference a female swinging a plastic drawer set at a male after he confronted her about sending pictures of their 3-year-old daughter to her ex-boyfriend who’s in prison for CSC 1st.  No assault occurred.  Forwarded for review.



40-2201233 @ 7:46am 600 block Maple St. Officers responded and assisted MCSO Deputies with a domestic that occurred at Ryan’s Creek. The suspect vehicle was found and contact was made with the male. He was lodged by MCSO Deputies for multiple contempt warrants.

40-2201234 @ 6:30am Officer responded to Calhoun Co and picked up a male on his FTA warrants.

40-2201235 @ 10:56am 200 block Woodward Ave. PV/Disorderly. Officers responded to a verbal argument and found that a male had violated his probation by being in contact with and at the residence of a female. He was also found to have a Contempt warrant out of Newaygo Co. He was lodged for the PV and warrants.

40-2201236 @ 2:59pm 600 block Adams. Domestic Assault. Officers responded to a domestic assault and spoke with a female and male. Both advised that they were arguing verbally, and the male attempted to take the car keys. The female attempted to get them back and the male wrapped his arms around her. The female pushed the male’s face away as he let go which caused scratching.

40-2201237 @ 8:17pm 800 block N. Fourth Civil. Female called advising a male was yelling at her from his apartment. Contact made with the male who denied having contact with the female. The male was arrested on his outstanding misdemeanor warrants out of Newaygo County.



40-2201238/1239 @ 7:25am Woodward Ave/ Division St. PDA occurred at the intersection, but vehicles began to leave the scene. All vehicles were located away from the accident scene and the driver was issued an appearance ticket for an expired license and FTY from a stop sign.

40-2201240 @ 11:06am S State St/Perry Ave. PDA

40-2201241 @ 1540 400 block Bjornson St. Found bicycle.

40-2201242 @ 5:55pm 300 block Rose Ave. Civil. Complainant reported civil issues between her and the father of her child. She reported that he was asking for sexual favors in return for her being able to see their son. Male has current custody over their son. The complainant was advised to contact the FOC as well.



40-2201243 @ 7:05am 300 block N Warren Found wallet turned in to DPS.  Returned to owner.

40-2201244 @ 8:32am 300 block N Michigan Ave Assault that occurred between juveniles on 6/3, under investigation

40-221245 @ 12:39pm Prisoner pickup from Oceana County. 

40-2201246 @ 2:53pm 400 block S Third Ave Mental- Female transported to ER for mental health evaluation.

40-2201247 @ 4:23pm Woodward/State PDA Citation issued to at-fault driver for failure to stop in assured clear distance.

40-2201248 @ 12:18am 112 N. Michigan open door found during property checks, building secure, no keyholder.

40-2201249 @ 4:01am 400 block S. Michigan Suspicious resident went to do laundry and found someone sleeping in the basement. Officers found a male sleeping in common laundry room, he advised he stays in apartment 1 but was locked out when he came home last night.

40-2201250 @ 5:07am 1100 block Catherine for a missing juvenile. Caller advised he found his daughter missing from the house at approximately 4:00 a.m.  He advised this is a common occurrence and believes she is most likely with her mother. The caller advised he only wanted the matter documented as the child is supposed to appear at a court hearing today, and he did not want to be held responsible if she is not there. Mom’s car was not at her residence, no one answered the door, and she did not answer the phone when I called.

40-2201251 @ 5:15am 321 Ives Breaking and Entering. Caller returned home to find entry door to the apartment forced open nothing disturbed or missing inside the residence, but someone left a can of roach spray in her bathroom trash can. Believes it may possibly be ex-boyfriend. Incident happened sometime between 2:30pm on 6/21/22 and time of call. Downstairs neighbor heard a loud bang around 1200hrs but did not see or hear anyone around.


Local High School Schedule & Scores

Week of 06/05/23:

Big Rapids:

Tuesday 6/6:

   - Girls Soccer Regional vFreeland @Clare: 5:00pm

Saturday 6/10:

   - Softball Regional vGaylord @Cadillac: 10:00am


Chippewa Hills:

Wednesday 6/10:

   - Softball Regional vRavenna: 10:00am



Tuesday 6/6:

   - Girls Soccer Regional vElk Rapids: 7:00pm

Wednesday 6/7:

   - Baseball Regional vSpring Lake: 4:00pm


White Cloud:

Wednesday 6/7:

   - Baseball Regional vBenzie Central: 5:00pm

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