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Big Rapids Police Weekend Blotter


40-2201271 @ 8:14am 700 block Perry Ave Larceny Fireworks.  Unknown suspects lifted the corner of the tent enter and took an unknown number of fireworks.  Alarm went off and suspects left.

40-2201272 @ 9:26am 100 block Catherine Civil Female was upset with her roommate.  She began to smash her own windows and throw grill and gas can into fire pit.  She was taken to the ER voluntarily. 

40-2201273 @ 11:42am 300 block N Warren Abandoned auto.  Jeep impounded

40-2201274 @ 9:35pm Colburn/S Third Hit and Run. Caller reported he was rear ended.  The other driver was identified, and he agreed to bring his vehicle to the department on Wednesday. No damage to Johnson's vehicle.

40-2201275 @ 9:54pm Found Property under Maple St. Bridge. Bike found in the river. Bike was discarded due to rust and other damage.

40-2201276 @ 6:15pm Assist fire with structure fire in the 500 block S State St S State.

40-2201277 @ 11:06pm N Stewart/Maple PDA. Driver backed into a parked vehicle in the dark.



40-2201278 @ 9:18am 800 block Water Tower Rd. Disorderly. Officers responded to a civil dispute between a male and a female. Both denied any physical assault happened.

40-2201279 @ 9:29am 1200 block Perry Ave. Shoplifting/Probation Violation. Officers investigated a shoplifting complaint that had happened two days in a row. A male was identified as the suspect and was found at a nearby hotel. He was lodged for retail fraud and Probation Violation.

40-2201280 @ 11:00am 500 block S Third Ave. Fail to Pay. Officers responded for a failure to pay. The clerk advised that it must have been accidental. The vehicle was an older model truck, rust colored. The car show was checked. UTL.

40-2201281 @ 10:49am hours, 820 Perry Ave. Assist EMS. Officers assisted EMS.

40-2201282 @ 3:39pm 200 block N Third Ave. Overdose. Officers responded to assist with an intentional overdose. Patient was transported for medical.

40-2201283 @ 5:26pm N. Michigan Ave/Maple St. A traffic stop was conducted. While on approach the driver put the vehicle in reverse and then drive and began to pull away. Officer stopped the driver and assisted him out of the vehicle. He briefly resisted again and was lodged for High BAC and resisting.

40-2201284 Suspicious/mental, Complainant called and was upset over unwanted medical tests given to him by his doctor in March.

40-2201285 @ 7:29pm North End Park Domestic assault. female was arrested for assaulting male.

40-2201286 @ 7:58pm 800 block Osburn Drive Larceny of tubes., discovered to have been taken by a male who MCSO had on a disorderly complaint at Highbanks Park.

40-2201287 @ 6:30pm Mental transport to Saginaw.

40-2201288 @ 11:01pm 400 block S. Michigan Disorderly. The male from Highbanks Park was upset with people at the house and had a physical altercation with one person who declined to press charges. He was convinced to go to bed for the evening.

40-2201289 @ 12:53am 1000 block Rose Ave Civil. Verbal disagreement between male and female.

40-2201290 @ 5:18am 200 block N Michigan Ave Alarm, building secure, unknown on cause of alarm. No keyholder responded.



40-2201291 @ 6:30am 1100 block Fuller Ave. Civil Dispute. Officers responded to a civil complaint after a third party called in two people arguing.

40-2201292 @ 10:14am 800 block N State St. Assist. Officers assisted MCSO with a trespassing complaint. The suspect was located at N Admiral.

40-2201293 @ 11:52am 800 block Clark St. Hit and Run. Work truck struck the side of the building a day ago. Video footage will be gained to verify the registration.

40-2201294 @6:50pm 700 block Osceola Ave PPO Violation Male called female’s phone to speak with their son. Valid no contact on LEIN. Forwarding to court for review.

40-2201295 @6:48pm Bjornson/Milton Traffic Stop for speed and failure to maintain lane led to driver being arrested for OWI High BAC.

40-2201296 @9:44pm 1000 block N Fourth Ave Found Cellphone returned to owner.

 40-2201297 @2:25am 100 block S Michigan Open door. Building secure. Unable to reach keyholder or secure door. Building was alarmed. 

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