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Reed City Weekly Blotter 6/20-6/26

Monday… 6/20

EMS requested assistance with a belligerent male subject. Upon arrival he did consent to going to the
hospital, and did so without incident.

Officer dispatched to local business where a male subject stated he needed help and wanted to end his life. Subject transported to the hospital, where he voluntarily checked himself in.

Officer dispatched to Reed City Hospital for assistance with an individual refusing to leave. The 52-year-old man was lodged in Osceola County Jail on an outstanding warrant.

Officer received a call regarding an abandoned vehicle, which had been parked in the street for nearly a month. The vehicle had no plate or insurance. It was tagged with a 48-hour warning tag to be moved within 48 hours. After 72 hours the vehicle was listed as abandoned and towed.

Officer was dispatched to location where a female minor was in possession of marijuana. The teen was issued a citation for MIP marijuana. In addition, the officer was asked by the minor’s mother to serve Trespass notice to a male minor, to keep him from being on their property. The notice was served to the minor male subject, and his mother.

Officers were dispatched to a mother/daughter domestic assault situation. The aggressor had left prior to officers’ arrival. Contact was made with all involved and the aggressor was warned of they returned to their family member’s residence they would be arrested for domestic assault. There were no injuries and the matter has been forwarded to the Prosecutor for charges.

Tuesday … 6/21

Officers assisted the Mecosta County Sheriff Department in attempting to locate a man locally. The man was not found.

During patrol officer found a purse, which was returned to the owner.

Officers stopped a vehicle for an improper plate. It was discovered the vehicle had just been purchased and the information had not updated in the Secretary of State database.

Officer received a complaint of a man claiming to be suicidal. He admitted he only said that because he was homeless. He requested and was given a ride to Big Rapids where he could utilize the homeless shelter.

Officers took a report of an offensive odor from the neighbor’s dog waste. Contact was made and the dog owner advised that allowing he waste to accumulate was a violation of city ordinance. The owner was instructed to clean it up or face a citation.

Officers were requested to speak to a woman who felt she was being harassed by her neighbors after she received a citation for excessive noise. Since the matter was civil only, she was referred to her apartment manager.

Wednesday …6/22

Officer dispatched to local apartment complex where a man was found sleeping in his vehicle, which had happened for the last 2 days. Upon investigation, it was discovered he was visiting family and would let management at the complex know he was there.

Officers received a request from a woman with two teenage sons to serve a trespass notice on 2 female minors, barring them from her residence..

Officer responded to a complaint of someone driving across a lawn causing damage. The matter is under investigation.

Officers took are report of a man violating the conditions of his bond release by contacting the victim in a domestic assault. The matter has been forwarded to the court for bond revocation.

Thursday … 6/23

Officers took a report of a man violating his bond conditions by purchasing alcohol. The matter has been forwarded to the court for bond revocation.

Officers took a report of a camper trailer being parked partially on another resident’s property. The owner was advised to move the camper. The officer had suspicions that the trailer may be being set up for someone to live in. The man was warned it would be a violation of city ordinance.

Officers served an abatement notice for an unregistered and inoperable vehicle.

Officers were dispatched to assist with a patient who had been brought in for an involuntary mental health evaluation and had become belligerent with medical staff. The patient calmed down and there were no further problems.

Officer dispatched to do a well being check by an anonymous caller. After discussion with the individual’s family, the concern was unfounded.

Officer called regarding a suspicious truck and trailer parked in his driveway. After further investigation it was discovered, the truck had delivered a vehicle to a location that was not far away from his home.

Friday …6/24

Officers were dispatched to a complaint of an intoxicated neighbor offering a marijuana vape to teenage minors and speaking to them in a lewd manner. The matter has been forwarded to the Prosecutor for review.

Saturday …6/25

Officer was dispatched to Reed City Hospital where an elderly female subject had left and would not accept a ride to her home from family. When the officer caught up with her and explained she was 10 miles from home, she did accept a ride.

Officers were dispatched to a report of money being stolen form a debit card, an unauthorized colonoscopy, and an assault. The debit card and colonoscopy were referred to the jurisdiction they occurred in. The man could not provide any information as to the assault complaint.

Officers were dispatched to a fireworks complaint. A resident in the area stated they had observed someone throwing fireworks from a vehicle as it drove through the area.


Officer took a complaint of an overgrown yard. Officer spoke with the neighbors who said the owner was hospitalized and they would take care of the matter


During a routine traffic stop officer found illegal drugs and paraphernalia. This matter is being further investigated.

While on a traffic stop, officers arrested a 20-year-old woman on an outstanding warrant for violating her felony probation.

Officer responded to a phone call regarding a dog at large. A citation was given to the dog owner who had been warned before.

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