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Allergen-free serving station highlights The Rock Cafe renovations, Quad Café open daily through Summer

Ferris State University’s main dining facility closed for the summer on Sunday, May 7. Soon, The Rock Café will begin undergoing its first significant upgrades since 2009.


Jennifer Thede, the operations specialist in Campus Auxiliary Services, highlighted several renovation notes in the facility. Among them, she pointed to an allergen-free serving station.


“Our students and other customer groups speak freely about their nutritional requirements. This includes identifying dietary items that present issues for them,” Thede said. “Peanut allergies, gluten and the presence of milk and eggs in certain products have long been a concern. Sesame is now getting greater attention as a risk for some diners. We look forward to offering a serving station focused on giving all guests a safe and pleasant experience in keeping with their needs.”


Thede said Dining Services’ survey responses show the Mongo Grill is a favorite in The Rock Café and will resume operation following the renovation. However, when the facility reopens this fall, it will feature new stations for visitors.


“We will have a new logo and different station names for customers to experience,” Thede said. “These improvements will be in place when the café reopens, as our renovations are complete.”


Facilities Management Project Manager Karen Simmon said the Board of Trustees approved updated renovation plans for The Rock and Miller Hall in October 2022.

“The plans for these facilities were first approved by our trustees in 2019 but had to wait out the COVID-19 pandemic to be implemented,” Simmon said. A variety of upgrades appropriate for a high-use structure are coming, such as with advanced lighting, updated finishes at café serving stations, and new furnishings and flooring, for example.”


As of Sunday, May 14, the Quad Café will begin a 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. service schedule, seven days a week, continuing through The Rock Café renovation. Founders Grille at Katke Golf Course also offers food items daily and is open to the public until 6 p.m.



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