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Reed City Police Weekly Blotter: 5/8-5/14

An Officer, while in patrol, found a tent in a wooded area. After investigating, the owner of the tent was located, and advised to vacate the area and advised where he can legally camp out. No issues.

An Officer was dispatched to a 2 vehicle Property Damage Accident at US10 and Old 131. Both vehicles were off the road and no injuries reported.

The School Liaison Officer responded to a call about a student that got out of at a stop other than theirs, ran away, and hid. The juvenile was located and transported for mental health evaluation.

An Officer assisted the Evart PD on serving an order of trespassing.

An Officer responded to a call of a dispute between mother and daughter in which the mother was concerned for the daughter’s mental health.

An Officer assisted the Fire Chief with reports of someone that started a small fire in the driveway. The homeowner put the fire out. Officer contacted the resident and made sure she understood the ordinance.

Tuesday …5/9
The School Liaison Officer responded to a call about a suspicious car parked at the middle school. After investigating, it was discovered that it was a motorist with a disabled vehicle. The motorist arranged for a tow.

An Officer responded to a call about two dogs out at large. The owner was contacted, and the dogs returned to the house. The owner was advised to fix the fence, so the dogs don’t get out again.
Officers received a referral from CPS regarding improper contact between two young juvenile siblings. The matter is under investigation.

An Officer assisted a driver that was stranded at the gas station and was having car issues.
Officers issued a verbal warning regarding a vehicle unattended on a jack stand in violation of city

Wednesday …5/10
An Officer responded to a call about some graffiti that was discovered on the south wall of the North
Chestnut Bridge.

The School Liaison Officer responded to a call about a student at the Reed City middle school who damaged two school computers and was aggressive towards staff members.


Officers responded and spoke with an individual who is in the process of a divorce. The person was
concerned their spouse may be stalking them and have a tracking device on their vehicle. A report was taken and no device was found.

An Officer was dispatched for a property damage accident. After investigating, the driver was issued a misdemeanor appearance citation for driving on a revoked license.

Thursday …5/11
Officers located graffiti under the Roth St. bridge. The matter is under investigation.

Friday …5/12
Officers met with Lake County Deputies and took custody of a 36-year-old man with an outstanding warrant for failing to appear in court. He was taken to the Osceola County Jail and lodged without incident.

An Officer responded to a retail store with complaints of two juveniles being disrespectful and making comments about stealing in the store. Both boys were advised per the store’s wishes that they were not allowed back in the store.

An Officer responded to a call regarding paintballs being fired at the neighbor’s garage. Case still under investigation.

Saturday …5/13
An Officer while on foot patrol of the downtown area found an unlocked door to a business. The officer searched the building and secured the door.

An Officer responded to a call of a possible larceny. After investigating, reports were unfounded.

Sunday …5/14
Officers were called to a suspicious situation of 2 men knocking on a door asking to be let in. Officer made contact and it is believed to have been a church group on a local mission trip.


Local High School Schedule & Scores

CSAA Baseball

SATURDAY 4/13/24

White Cloud 9 @ Holton 5

White Cloud 0 @ Merrill 13 (6inn)

Clare 16 @ Chip Hills 7 (4inn)

Greenville 9 @ Chip Hills 9 (8inn)

Kent City 1 @ Whitehall 16 (4inn)

Fremont 3 @ Kent City 0


MONDAY 4/15/24

Shepherd 3 @ Big Rapids 9

Shepherd 12 @ Big Rapids 0 (5inn)

Newaygo 0 @ C Montcalm 1

Newaygo 0 @ C Montcalm 2


TUESDAY 4/16/24

Chip Hills 7 @ Tri County 3

Chip Hills 3 @ Tri County 2 (5inn)

Lakeview 2 @ Morley Stanwood 8

Lakeview 5 @ Morley Stanwood 11

Kent City 5 @ Newaygo 10

Kent City 4 @ Newaygo 11

Grant 1 @ Reed City 2

Grant 7 @ Reed City 5

C Montcalm 13 @ White Cloud 2

C Montcalm 2 @ White Cloud 6


THURSDAY 4/18/24

Shelby @ Kent City

Hesperia @ Lakeview


FRIDAY 4/19/24

White Cloud @ Big Rapids

Tri County @ C Montcalm

Newaygo @ Grant

Morley Stanwood @ Kent City

Reed City @ Chip Hills



CSAA Softball

SATURDAY 4/13/24

Grant 0 @ Ravenna 15 (3inn)

Tri County 0 @ Ravenna 10 (CH Forfeit)

Chip Hills 0 @ Clare 16

Chip Hills 0 @ Vestaburg 12

MONDAY 4/15/24

Shepherd 2 @ Big Rapids 12 (5inn)

Shepherd 9 @ Big Rapids 6 (8inn)

Newaygo 15 @ C Montcalm 11

Newaygo 1 @ C Montcalm 14 (5inn)

Lakeview 1 @ Vestaburg 16 (4inn)

Lakeivew 4 @ Vestaburg 10 (8inn)

TUESDAY 4/16/24

Chip Hills @ Tri County

Lakeview @ Morley Stanwood

Kent City 1 @ Newaygo 4

Kent City 0 @ Newaygo 11 (5inn)

Grant 1 @ Reed City 5

Grant 1 @ Reed City 16 (3inn)

C Montcalm @ White Cloud

THURSDAY 4/18/24

Greenville @ C Montcalm

Sparta @ Kent City

Hesperia @ Lakeview

FRIDAY 4/19/24

White Cloud @ Big Rapids

Tri County @ C Montcalm

Newaygo @ Grant

Morley Stanwood @ Kent City

Reed City @ Chip Hills

SATURDAY 4/20/24

Lakeview @Beaverton Tournament

Big Rapids @ TC West

CSAA Baseball Standings

1) Big Rapids: 2-0 | +31 -6 (+25)

2) Morley Stanwood: 2-1 | +24 -17 (+7)

3) Chippewa Hills: 2-1 | +22 -14 (+8)

4) Reed City: 2-1 | +17 -11 (+6)

5) Newaygo: 3-3 | +30 -24 (+6)

6) Central Montcalm: 3-3 | +22 -21 (+1)

7) Kent City: 2-2 | +32 -37 (-5)

8) Grant: 2-2 | +18 -12 (+6)

9) White Cloud: 1-1 | +8 -15 (-7)

10) Tri County: 0-3 | +11 -41 (-30)

11) Lakeview: 0-4 | +23 -41 (-18)

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