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Opponents of payday and car-title lending say they lead to financial abuse of consumers.


The Public Interest Research Group in Michigan analyzed close to 10,000 recent complaints made to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.


They found that 91 percent involved aggressive debt-collection practices, bank-account closures and/or long-term cycles of debt.


Kelly Griffith with the Center for Economic Integrity says the feds should adopt a proposed rule that would force lenders to determine, ahead of time, a borrower's ability to pay and still afford such necessities as rent and food.


"This is more of a lending scheme or scam, and they lend based on their ability to collect, not on the borrower's ability to repay."


The report also found that around 15 companies accounted for more than half the complaints, many charging triple-digit interest rates.


The report says some of the biggest offenders are doing business under the names CashNetUSA, NetCredit, Check ‘n Go, and ACE Cash Express.



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