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It's not just the consequences of their own actions a young person must face when involved in the juvenile-justice system.


New research finds youth in Michigan can be pulled deeper into the system due to excessive court-related costs.


According the Juvenile Law Center, fees and fines in Michigan include the cost of tests and evaluations, rehabilitation, and court operation.


Associate director Jessica Feierman says many families simply cannot afford them.


"We're creating two separate systems of justice. This is really a glaring example of justice by income. We really can do better. We can set a system that's fair to all young people, not just the ones who have access to money."


She notes the consequences of these costs can increase recidivism and detour a young person from getting on the right track.


The report recommends that states eliminate costs, fines, and fees on youth by establishing more sustainable and effective models for funding court systems.



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