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FSU's homecoming week is wrapping up with the big game against Ashland on Saturday.


However, Director of Alumni Relations Brandi Behrenwald says even though it's about FSU, it's really about the whole town and the whole experience.


We promote not only coming to the football game and being a part of our tailgate, be we promote going down to the parade [and] stopping in the businesses.”


Behrenwald notes that they tried holding activities on campus during past homecomings, but found out that's not what the alums want.


What we heard from our alums is, 'We want to go to Schuberg's, we want to go back to the places that we remember and have a burger, grab a beer, sit down and talk with our friends.'”


And, she notes, traffic may be a little bit more congested in the area.


We have alumni registering from Virginia and Alabama and Illinois and Colorado and California and Tennessee. So we know that not only are they coming from around Michigan, but they're coming from out of state.”


The pre-game tailgate starts at 11:30 am on Saturday, the parade gets underway at noon in downtown Big Rapids, and kickoff for the Bulldogs against Ashland is set for 3:30 pm at Top Taggert Field.



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