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Some new sidewalks are on schedule for Big Rapids. The City Commission passed a resolution for a special assessment to fix crumbling walkways in a number of areas around the city at Monday's meeting. City Engineering Technician Matt Ruelle says there's always more to fix than there is money to fix it.


Generally I try to concentrate on areas where we're doing road construction. Also, just walk Big Rapids and try to fix the worst spots first.”


Ruelle says a request for bids on the project has already been sent to prospective contractors and he expects the project to get under way as soon as possible.


Usually it's not until around May because we want to make sure that the freeze-thaw cycle is done. And then, maybe a two to three week process for all of the sidewalk program. Contractors are generally eager to get in and get done.”


The special assessment means that 50 percent of the expense will be paid by the property owner benefiting from the repairs and 50 percent will be paid by the city.


The areas slated for repair are:


  • 100 & 200 block of Rust Avenue

  • 100 block of Baldwin Street

  • 800 block of Marion Avenue

  • 200 block of Fuller Avenue

  • 300 & 400 block of S. Michigan Avenue

  • 100 block of N. Stewart Street

  • 100 block of S. Warren Avenue



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