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According to City Manager Ron Howell, residents need to start running their water.   


The extremely cold temperatures have caused the frost to reach a depth of 44 inches in Reed City and may go deeper.


Howell says the recent snow fall did provide some insulation but the warming temperatures and rain followed by colder weather have now brought back the potential for freezing water mains and service lines.


Reed City water customers are advised that if they believe their water line is in danger of freezing to call City Hall and notify the utility billing clerk so they can be put on the “Run Water” list. Customers are reminded that only a small stream of water the size of a pencil lead is recommended to prevent a freezing service line.


Those customers on the Run Water List shall be credited in accordance with City Code 1040.10:

For each month the “run water” notice is active, the Department shall credit said consumer’s bill in the amount of the difference between the amount metered in that month, and the average of the consumer’s meter for the three months preceding the issuance of the “run water” notice. In no case, however, may said consumer’s credit for such a month exceed the fee for the use of 6,000 gallons per month.