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The Kent County Sheriff's Department confirms the shooting deaths of three girls and their mother was a case of murders and suicide.


Investigators say Aubrianne Moore shot her three daughters, ages two, six and eight, with a hunting-style rifle in a wooded area in Solon Township, north of Grand Rapids Monday afternoon.


After the shootings, Moore put the children in her car and drove them a short distance to their home.


Moore then shot herself outside the car.



The Kent County Sheriff's Department is trying to find out what led to the shooting deaths of three young children and their mother.


The bodies were found at a home in northern Kent County, north of Grand Rapids.


Family members say the kids were two, six and eight years old.


Authorities say there were two crime scenes and the children may have been shot in a different location from where they were found.


The Sheriff, Michelle LaJoye-Young, said there is no threat to the public, and murder-suicide is one of the possibilities under investigation.


People living in the area were asked to give any security video to investigators.