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The following incidents were reported by the Big Rapids Department of Public Safety from Jan 30th thru Feb 4th. 




20-143-Suspicious @ Swede Hill Park.  Nothing suspicious located.  


20-144-Warrant arrest of a 50 year old male in the 500 block of Woodward for child support warrants, Kent County.


20-145-100 block of Woodward.  Domestic between mom and daughter.  The daughter packed and left and case will be sent over for review.




20-151-700 block of Fuller for a larceny investigation.


20-152-Harassment taken at 40.


20-154 @ 11:39pm Officers were dispatched to a fight in progress in the 1000 block of Perry. Upon arrival fight was over and everyone involved was leaving. Contact made with one group involved who were then trespassed from the event.


20-155 @ 2:05am Noise in the 700 block of Ives.   Most of the noise was not from the house but from people coming and going to the event. Resident began kicking people out and turning new arrivals away.


20-156 @ 8:30pm Check well being in the 1100 block of Fuller.  Caller advised he had heard from a friend that his ex wife was allowing a minor to drink alcohol in her apartment. Apartment appeared empty upon arrival and the female's vehicle was not in the parking lot.




20-157 Suspicious at Parkview. 


20-158 Defrauding an innkeeper in the 900 block of Maple. Three females walked out on a $29 bar tab for food and drinks. Happened at 1:15am. Under investigation. 




20-161- Check Wellbeing in the 400 block of Maple for a female who was yelling and throwing things around her apartment. She complained about $40 that had been stolen but didn't want to file a report. 




20-163: Motorist assist Perry/Ferris turned No Insurance.  A 48 year old male was cited for allowing someone to operate a vehicle without insurance.  He was able to get insurance.


20-164: Found Cell Phone on Damascus. Mother of young lady who phone belongs to contacted.


20-165: Assist in the 500 block of S State. Female walked in and told staff to call 911 but did not say why.  She turned out to be having a diabetic issue due to caffeine consumption. Stood by while EMS looked at her.


20-166: Suspicious in the 700 block of Maple.  Male became upset with staff after he used another person's debit card and it got stuck in the ATM. Staff helped him retrieve it but could not give it back to him because the name on the card was not his. 


20-167: Walk in suspicious.  Male woke up from a nap to a message stating his phone number was being transferred to a different carrier. He contacted Verizon who advised the number had already been moved. No suspect information.


20-169 @ 10:55pm State/Pine Traffic stop resulted in a female being cited for No Insurance.  


20-170, 171, 172 @ 11:35pm 1700 block of S State for a Domestic, Probation Violation, Disrupt 911 call and OWI 3rd. Officers received a BOL for a possible OWI, then dispatched for a possible domestic.  Female was in the lobby refusing to speak to dispatch as she only wanted a different room. A 48 year old female states she was assaulted by her husband, a 38 year old male, from Ludington/Benzie County area.  The clerk saw the female driving the van, pull in and park out front when she came in.  The male wouldn't open the door.  The female claims the male was assaulting her, but when she attempted to call 911.  The female was arrested for OWI 3RD.




20-173: Disorderly in the 600 block of Oak.  


20-175: B&E on Industrial.  Female walked in at 6:29pm on 2/3/2020 and tampered with several items, stole $4 and left. Under Investigation.


20-177: Assist Medical/Tampering.  Officers were called for female who was trying to get into apartments and did get into a car and was acting strange. Believed to be on multiple drugs. 


20-178:A 25 year old male was  arrested on warrants for failure to appear in the 1100 block of Catherine.


20-179:A 30 year old female was arrested on a warrant for failure to appear in the 300 block of S Stewart.


20-181: Civil dispute in the 1100 block of Catherine.