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Sunday 2/2 …
While on patrol, Officers found an open bay door on a local business building. No tracks were found in or
out, the Officer searched the building and found nothing out of the norm. The door closed and building
secured. Dispatch made contact with the company and informed them of the situation.

Officers received a complaint of larceny from a home. The matter is under investigation.

Monday 2/3 …

Officers were dispatched to retail store where a woman reported she flagged down a stranger and offered to pay the female driver to take her to the store and then drive her to Big Rapids. She reported, she gave the woman the money and went into the store leaving her phone in the car. When she came out of the store the driver was gone, with her phone.

Officers were dispatched to a local apartment complex regarding a Breaking and Entering complaint. The
tenant showed the responding Officer the damage to her door and locks and reported they were not damaged when she left that morning. She reported she arrived home to find the door unlocked and slightly opened. She stated nothing was found to be missing or out of place. She added that neighbor assisted her with searching the apartment to be sure no one was there. The matter is under investigation

Officers were dispatched to a suspicious situation. The caller reported a man driving around the parking lot
of an apartment complex and appeared to be looking into parked vehicles. The responding Officer meet up with the individual in question, who explained he was meeting someone there and was looking for that

Tuesday 2/4 …

Officers were informed of the possible location of a man, who held several warrants out of 3 counties. While at the door of the suspected location the female tenant denied the man being there and denied Officers entry to look for him. A MSP Trooper who was assisting the RCPD observed a male running out the back door.

A Reed City Police Officer and MSP pursued the individual into the woods and swamp. The man gave up
and was identified as the 35 male they were looking for. The Officer then placed him under arrest and
transported him to the Osceola County Jail where additional charges of possession of an opioid and resisting arrest were added to his list of charges. Officers submitted a warrant request to the Prosecuting Attorney’s office regarding the 27-year-old female for harboring a fugitive.

Officers took a report from an elderly woman who believed she had been the victim of a scam. The woman
had been contact over the phone and had verified who she was and given the last 4 digits of her social
security number. When the person on the phone requested the full social security number and other
information it alerted the woman who hung up the phone. Officers advised if any fraudulent activity was
observed to notify them.

Officers were dispatched to a dispute between neighbors regarding a noise issue. The Officer spoke with
both parties and advised them to avoid all contact with each other and to call the landlord or the police if
there continues to be a noise problem.


Officers were dispatched to local residence and requested to perform a wellbeing check. The man stated the female he was concerned about had not been answering his calls. He added that she had recently had the flu. The Officers went to the address provide and spoke with the female’s father who reported he had just seen her a few hours ago and appeared to be fine. The caller was advised she was okay.

Officers were requested to investigate a 9 year old who had assaulted a pregnant individual by attempting to kick her stomach. The matter will be turned over to probate court for review.
Officers received a report of a young adult who was possibly carrying a firearm around in his backpack. His probation officer was advised and requested officers accompany him to make contact with the young man while he searched his backpack and room. No firearm was located, however a cell phone was. It was stated he had found the phone. The phone was returned to its owner.

Wednesday 2/5 …

Officers were dispatched to take an assault complaint between an ex and a new girlfriend over custody of
children. The matter has been turned over to the Prosecuting Attorney’s Office for review.

Officers were dispatched to local residence regarding a report of man keeping a girl against her will. The
caller was under the influence of alcohol and possibly other substances. The Officer went to the residence in question and was allowed to look around. No girl was found held there against her will. The matter was
unfounded, case closed.

Thursday 2/6 …

Officers were dispatched to a juvenile runaway. The responding Officer followed the juveniles tracks to a
nearby friend’s house. The juvenile was indeed there and after speaking with the officer returned home and went to bed without incident.

Friday 2/7 …

Officers responded to a two-vehicle personal property damage accident. Minor damage to one vehicle and
the other one had significant damage and was towed. No injuries were reported.


Officers were dispatched to respond to an open 911 call. Dispatched advised they could hear a female voice yelling at someone to get out. The Officers spoke with the female caller who reported there was a man in the residence who needed to leave. The woman reported there was no physical contact between her and the man she had been yelling at. She had allowed him to stay because he no other place to go. The man was found to have a warrant out of Kent County for failure to appear in court regarding a probation violation. His girlfriend was no where in the residence, and he was placed under arrest on the Kent County warrant.

Saturday 2/8 …

Officers received a complaint of a male who vomited and believed to be passed out inside the Depot
building. Upon arrival the man was alert and spoke with officers. The man had been drinking. Officers found an empty can and he was given a warning not to be drinking in public. The man was warned not to return and was sober enough to be released and be on his way.

Officers responded to a loud noise complaint regarding a loud muffler. The vehicle was gone when the
Officer arrived. The officer spoke with a family member who explained her daughter had left her vehicle
running for a few minutes and didn’t feel it was too loud.

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