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When class is open back up at Morley Stanwood schools on Wednesday things will be different, for students, teachers, staff and administrators alike.


Superintendent Roger Cole says the school district will be following the guidelines of Governor Whitmer's road to school road map. 


“There are a couple of reminders for parents that include assessing your child’s health and make sure your child's hands are thoroughly cleaned before getting on the school bus and to wear a mask but if your child does not have one they will be provided with one when they get to school.” Cole said.  


Cole added one of the great things happening this school year is every student K-12 will be getting a free breakfast and lunch so parents don't have to worry about that. 


As for social distancing, per the governor's guidelines, signs and stickers will be placed around the schools to keep everyone apart. 


Cole says with every plan that is first put into place, there will be tweaks and changes along the way to make sure they have the best plan for their current situation. 


During this unique time, Cole says they have counselors to speak with any student who is feeling stressed or anxious.  


“Kids have been away from school and activities for a long time and some of them don't handle that well.”  “I know that there's a sense of stress sometimes, loneliness, depression and anxiety that goes with this and we have social workers and counselors here.” 

“If you're a student coming on the bus being dropped off by a mom or dad or you're learning from home through us and you need to talk to somebody, please call us.” Cole said.

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