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The Mecosta County Park Commission finalized a plan during their October 20 th meeting to expand off-season operations of Brower County Park.


Beginning Friday, November 6th Brower Park will open the gates to allow access to the deep-water channel boat launch, boat trailer parking areas and parking areas for use of the Brower Park Loop portion of Michigan's Dragon Trail at Hardy Dam.


Park Superintendent Jeff Abel stated, “Barriers are in place to keep vehicle traffic isolated to only these areas of the park, however foot traffic is welcome throughout the entire park and campground areas.” This operational change is expected to be a tremendous expansion to the off-season opportunities offered by the Mecosta County Park Commission.

The change will allow for trail visitors, boaters, shoreline fisherman and ice fisherman to experience portions of the park that were previously closed during the non-camping season.

Superintendent Abel stated, “We are really excited about expanding our operations to provide this opportunity for county residents and visitors to the area with intentions to have these changes become the permanent operating standard for Brower Park. This change is in line with where the Park Commission is focused by prioritizing park amenities and opportunities for county residents above and beyond the camping opportunities currently available within the
county parks.”

Vehicle permit fees of $7 per day are required for access and can be paid by utilizing a fee pipe and off-season payment station being installed within the park. Mecosta County Parks annual vehicle permits are valid with no additional payment required to use the facilities.

Additional off-season recreational opportunities offered through the Mecosta County Park Commission include rustic camping at Tubb’s Lake and Haymarsh State Game Areas, day use of the White Pine Valley Recreation Area, parking with access to the White Pine Trail and Muskegon River in Paris and day use access at Davis Bridge County Park.

For additional information on the Mecosta County Parks visit or contact the parks administration office at 231-832-3246. For additional information on Michigan’s Dragon Trail at Hardy Dam visit

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