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Big Rapids Police Weekend Blotter


40-2201011 @ 8:20am Juvenile complaint 500 block N Warren Ave. A student was suspected of being intoxicated.

40-2201012 @ 8:58am walk in PDC occurred State/Locust at 0730 pending contact with the other driver

40-2201013 @ 8:57am Warrant arrest at community corrections

40-2201014 @ 12:00pm Civil/threats Third Ave. Complainant wanted to report her coworker’s husband making indirect comments to her

40-2201015 @ 12:50pm 2 car PDC Woodward/Division at fault driver cited

40-2201016 @ 1:40pm 2 car PDC Maple/Michigan at fault driver cited

40-2201017 @ 6:05pm 1100 block Catherine.  Complainant stated one of her children was assaulted.  Investigation revealed that an assault didn't occur and was only civil between kids

40-2201018 @ 10:35pm 200 block N Warren.  Dispatch requested an officer stop by the residence after caller wanted a male to leave the residence.  Subjects spoke Spanish, causing a language barrier.  Once an officer arrived on scene the male had already left per an on-scene interpreter.  No assault.  Only arguing.

40-2201019 @ 11:03pm 100 block S. Michigan.  Called in as a disorderly, subjects refusing to leave.  Dispatch watched the subjects exit into lot 4 on camera.  Subjects got in a vehicle and when leaving the lot, dispatch watched them hit a parked car.  Subjects were identified and located.  Driver was identified and was lodged for OWI High BAC, leaving the scene of an accident, and cited for PBT refusal.     

40-2201020 While investigating above, passenger was found to be in violation of his Felony probation for being in a bar and consuming alcohol.



40-2201021 @ 3:30pm FTP 500 block S Third $193.40 of diesel was taken. White heavy duty crew cab Ram with black brush guard, tinted windows, and a gas tank in the bed.

40-2201022 @ 6:30pm Warrant Pickup Kent County

40-2201023 @ 7:52pm 500 block Sanborn.  Check Wellbeing.  Passerby noticed the lawn was getting long.  Resident was fine and waiting for her services to cut her grass.

40-2201024 @ 7:54pm 400 block Maple St.  Male was scratched by a neighbor’s dog.  He only wanted her talked to about keeping the dog on a leash.  Dog was friendly and very energetic.

40-2201025 @ 11:39pm Traffic Stop Ferris and State led to driver being cited for no insurance.  Curries towed the vehicle.

40-2201026 @ 12:30am 300 block Morrison.  Anonymous caller overheard a male state he hit a car at Venlo Pl and Perry Ave and didn’t stop.  Contact was made with the male who stated a vehicle pulled in front of him and he bumped it.  The other vehicle didn’t stop so he didn’t.  Damage was a tweaked bumper.  No other caller and the male stated it happened 2 hours before contact.



40-2201027 @ 6:33am 400 block Perry Ave. 911 Hang up – 911 Hang Up/Faulty telephone line. Continuation issue at the business. Management is continuing to work on the issue.

40-2201028 @ 10:11am 400 block Maple St. Civil/Warrant Arrest – Officers responded to a civil issue between two males. This issue is a continuation of an animal complaint between these two residences.  One was found to have warrants out of Mason and Manistee Co.

40-2201029 @ 10:13am 300 block S Warren Ave. Civil/Animal Complaint – Officers responded to a civil complaint between neighbors. A dog was accidentally let out of the residence.

40-2201030 @ 11:49am 1100 block Fuller Ave Civil Dispute – Officers responded to a civil dispute between two females.

40-2201031 @ 1:50pm 200 block Monroe Ave. Civil – Officers responded to a civil issue involving parenting time between male and female.

40-2201032 @ 2:10pm 800 block N State St. Found Property. Owner notified.

40-2201033 @ 5:49pm 500 block Division St. Civil issue reported between roommates involving a PlayStation.

40-22001034 @ 8:41pm Alarm 300 block N State St, building secure, unknown cause.

40-22001035 @ 8:51pm Civil 600 block Maple. Found to be a verbal argument between mother and daughter. While on scene one made suicidal comments she was then transported to ER for evaluation.

40-22001036 @ 9:57pm Traffic stop State/Rust led to driver being cited for no insurance, vehicle towed by Curries.

40-22001037 @ 2:03am Traffic stop Perry/Division led to driver being arrested for OWI, vehicle towed by BR Tow.


Local High School Schedule & Scores

Week of 06/05/23:

Big Rapids:

Tuesday 6/6:

   - Girls Soccer Regional vFreeland @Clare: 5:00pm

Saturday 6/10:

   - Softball Regional vGaylord @Cadillac: 10:00am


Chippewa Hills:

Wednesday 6/10:

   - Softball Regional vRavenna: 10:00am



Tuesday 6/6:

   - Girls Soccer Regional vElk Rapids: 7:00pm

Wednesday 6/7:

   - Baseball Regional vSpring Lake: 4:00pm


White Cloud:

Wednesday 6/7:

   - Baseball Regional vBenzie Central: 5:00pm

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