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Reed City Police Weekly Blotter: 1/1-1/8

An officer assisted the Osceola County Sheriff Department with a domestic dispute.

Tuesday …1/3
An officer responded to a call about an attempted larceny of gasoline. The matter is under investigation.

Wednesday …1/4
An officer responded to a call regarding a domestic dispute. Prior to the officer’s arrival those involved left the residence and refused to return to speak with an officer or file a complaint.

An officer responded to a complaint about loud music from a vehicle in an apartment complex parking lot.

Resulting on an arrest of a 37-year-old man on a warrant for child support.

An officer responded to a call regarding some damage done to a car while it was parked at work. After investigation, it was determined that the damaged was done somewhere else.

An officer responded to a call about some damaged signs. After investigation it seems that the damaged was caused by the snow storm.

An officer responded to a call regarding someone being physically abused by their parent. The matter is under investigation.

Thursday …1/5
The School liaison officer responded to a call regarding truancy of a middle school student that hasn’t been at school for almost a month.

An officer took a report regarding an abandon vehicle.

An officers arrested and transported a 36 year old male to the jail on an outstanding warrant for failing to appear in court.

Friday …1/6
The School Liaison Officer responded to a report of a middle school student that made a statement that could be perceived as a threat of violence against the school. After investigation, the Liaison Officer determined there to be no legitimate threat to the school or its occupants by the student.

The School Liaison Officer responded to a report of a high school student being bullied. The officer worked in conjunction with school staff throughout this investigation.

Officers made contact with an individual parked facing the wrong way causing a traffic hazard. The driver became irate with the officer and began yelling and using profanity before spinning tires while pulling away and nearly causing a collision with another car. The officer stopped the car and the driver was issued a citation for careless driving. Charges of Obstructing an Officer are being sought in relation to the matter after the driver refused to provide any identification or cooperate with the officer.

Saturday …1/7
An officer was dispatched to a residence about a possible domestic assault. Upon arrival, the situation escalated resulting on the arrest of a 26-year-old female for Resisting and Obstructing Officers. Case is still under investigation.

An officer assisted EMS at a residence where a 75yr old female needed assistance after falling.
An officer was dispatched to a residence in reference to a 15yr old female was believed to be running away.

It was discovered she had met with her boyfriend who was trespassed from the property. The matter was turned over to her probation officer and Trespassing charges have been requested on the boyfriend.

Sunday …1/8
An officer was dispatched to a residence after the neighbor heard a loud boom. During this investigation, no evidence of a crime was discovered.

Officers received a complaint of possible unlawful sexual conduct between two teens. The matter is under investigation.


Local High School Schedule & Scores

CSAA Basketball (Boys)


White Cloud 48 @ Big Rapids 53 (OT)

  -> Game broadcasting on WBRN 1460am, 96.5fm

Lakeview 46 @ Tri County 54

C Montcalm 55 @ Kent City 52 (OT) 

Chip Hills 48 @ Newaygo 58

Grant 41 @ Reed City 60


Reed City 32 @ Cadillac 54

Morley Stanwood 68 @ Tri County 63

Shepherd 56 @ Chip Hills 39

Lakeview 58 @ St Louis 50


CSAA Tournament

  Big Rapids 48 @ Reed City 46 (CSAA Tourn Champ)

      -> Game broadcasting on WBRN 1460am, 96.5fm

      -> Big Rapids Wins CSAA Tournament

  Chip Hills 30 @ Kent City 56 (CSAA Tourn)

  C Montcalm 40 @ Newaygo 82 (CSAA Tourn)

  Lakeview 41 @ Morley Stanwood 52 (CSAA Tourn)

2/22/24 - 7:00pm

Montague @ Grant

Morley Stanwood @ Tri County (CSAA Tourn)

2/23/24 - 7:00pm

C Montcalm @ Midland Calvary Bap

CSAA Basketball (Girls)

2/19/24 - 7:00pm

Hart 45 @ Morley Stanwood 40

Newaygo 38 @ Oakridge 46

2/20/24 - 7:00pm

Chip Hills 33 @ Beal City 67

Big Rapids 39 @ Cadillac 41

Whitehall 44 @ Grant 71

Hesperia 18 @ Tri County 71

Lakeview 55 @ Pine River 41

Reed City 36 @ McBain 40

2/21/24 - 7:00pm

Shelby 41 @ Newaygo 48

2/23/24 - 7:30pm

Tri County @ Big Rapids (7:00p)

Reed City @ C Montcalm

Morley Stanwood @ Grant

Lakeview @ Kent City

Newaygo @ Chip Hills


Big Rapids Ice Hockey (12-12-1)

MHSAA Regional 21: 2/24/24

Big Rapids#4 @ E Grand Rapids#1 (7:15pm)

GR CC#3 @ GR Christian#2 (4:15pm)

CSAA Basketball Standings

CSAA - Boys

  1. Reed City 18-3 (10-0)
  2. White Cloud 16-5 (8-2)
  3. Big Rapids   15-6 (8-2)
  4. Grant   13-6 (8-2)
  5. Newaygo 13-8 (6-4)
  6. Central Montcalm 8-12 (4-6)
  7. Kent City 7-14 (4-6)
  8. Tri County 6-15 (3-7)
  9. Chip Hills 5-16 (3-7)
  10. Morley Stanwood 2-17 (1-9)
  11. Lakeview 5-16 (0-10)

CSAA - Girls

  1. Morley Stanwood 15-3 (8-1)
  2. Grant 13-4 (8-1)
  3. Kent City 15-4 (7-2)
  4. Reed City 11-8 (7-2)
  5. Big Rapids 10-8 (6-3)
  6. Lakeview 10-9 (4-5)
  7. Central Montcalm 8-11 (4-5)
  8. Newaygo 10-9 (3-6)
  9. White Cloud 7-13 (2-8)
  10. Tri County 3-14 (1-8)
  11. Chip Hills 1-18 (0-9)

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