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How two national champions are giving back through their entrepreneurship

For former Ferris State football players Jordan Jones and Ian Hall, what started as a favor has now turned into a full-fledged business.

The two college roommates and co-founders of “Dock Dawgs” have spent the last two years running a dock and lift installation and removal service for local lake houses around the area. Who was their first client? Their own head coach Tony Annese.

“Coach Annese lives out on Whitefish Lake and every year, we go over to his place to put his dock in and take it out,” Hall said. “Basically, I told him to let us know if you or any of your neighbors need any work and we can do it. From there, we made a flyer and his wife posted it on their Facebook group page. We ended up getting a bunch of calls from his neighbors and it kind of blew up after that.”

Along with dock work, the guys decided to expand their business by adding moving services, painting, and yard cleaning to their array of labor offerings. According to Jones, that decision sparked a large growth in clientele that continues to increase every day from all parts of the state.

“We created a Facebook page and started advertising ourselves on there,” Jones said. “We've been able to reach areas beyond Big Rapids, like Chippewa Lake, Howard City, Indian Lakes, Allendale, and Rockford. We’ve also got a couple of customers in Houghton Lake and Traverse City.”

Last year, the group had 83 different customers throughout the entire year. This year, they have already reached 80 customers through the end of May.

Not only were Hall and Jones serving these customers during the school year, but they also played significant roles on Ferris’ back-to-back National Championship football team. The defensive lineman duo would run their company operations outside of classes, practices, workouts, and even games on the weekends.

“There would be times after game days we'd come back home and have work lined up,” Jones said. “We’d get up at 6 A.M. on a Sunday morning and go take out docks until about 1 or 2 P.M. and then go to football workouts. We would always stay working and it was great also having teammates wanting to come work with us.”



When asking both guys about their vision for the business moving forward, the duo are hoping to purchase property between Cedar Springs and Big Rapids to set up a storage facility and business hub. They also are currently looking to invest in official company trucks for their year-round services.

But what about the bigger picture? What is their company vision? Simple: give back to Ferris football by providing a working opportunity for the players.

“The first year we did it was tough,” Hall said. “But we looked at it as another workout. We get to work in the water and work with our brothers on the team. We crack jokes and we like to have fun with it. There’s not much work where you have the opportunity to do that and we want to keep (that dynamic) within the team.”

For more information on the Dock Dawgs, visit their “Dock Dawgs” Facebook page or email  


Local High School Schedule & Scores

CSAA Basketball (Boys)


White Cloud 48 @ Big Rapids 53 (OT)

  -> Game broadcasting on WBRN 1460am, 96.5fm

Lakeview 46 @ Tri County 54

C Montcalm 55 @ Kent City 52 (OT) 

Chip Hills 48 @ Newaygo 58

Grant 41 @ Reed City 60


Reed City 32 @ Cadillac 54

Morley Stanwood 68 @ Tri County 63

Shepherd 56 @ Chip Hills 39

Lakeview 58 @ St Louis 50


CSAA Tournament

  Big Rapids 48 @ Reed City 46 (CSAA Tourn Champ)

      -> Game broadcasting on WBRN 1460am, 96.5fm

      -> Big Rapids Wins CSAA Tournament

  Chip Hills 30 @ Kent City 56 (CSAA Tourn)

  C Montcalm 40 @ Newaygo 82 (CSAA Tourn)

  Lakeview 41 @ Morley Stanwood 52 (CSAA Tourn)

2/22/24 - 7:00pm

Montague @ Grant

Morley Stanwood @ Tri County (CSAA Tourn)

2/23/24 - 7:00pm

C Montcalm @ Midland Calvary Bap

CSAA Basketball (Girls)

2/19/24 - 7:00pm

Hart 45 @ Morley Stanwood 40

Newaygo 38 @ Oakridge 46

2/20/24 - 7:00pm

Chip Hills 33 @ Beal City 67

Big Rapids 39 @ Cadillac 41

Whitehall 44 @ Grant 71

Hesperia 18 @ Tri County 71

Lakeview 55 @ Pine River 41

Reed City 36 @ McBain 40

2/21/24 - 7:00pm

Shelby 41 @ Newaygo 48

2/23/24 - 7:30pm

Tri County @ Big Rapids (7:00p)

Reed City @ C Montcalm

Morley Stanwood @ Grant

Lakeview @ Kent City

Newaygo @ Chip Hills


Big Rapids Ice Hockey (12-12-1)

MHSAA Regional 21: 2/24/24

Big Rapids#4 @ E Grand Rapids#1 (7:15pm)

GR CC#3 @ GR Christian#2 (4:15pm)

CSAA Basketball Standings

CSAA - Boys

  1. Reed City 18-3 (10-0)
  2. White Cloud 16-5 (8-2)
  3. Big Rapids   15-6 (8-2)
  4. Grant   13-6 (8-2)
  5. Newaygo 13-8 (6-4)
  6. Central Montcalm 8-12 (4-6)
  7. Kent City 7-14 (4-6)
  8. Tri County 6-15 (3-7)
  9. Chip Hills 5-16 (3-7)
  10. Morley Stanwood 2-17 (1-9)
  11. Lakeview 5-16 (0-10)

CSAA - Girls

  1. Morley Stanwood 15-3 (8-1)
  2. Grant 13-4 (8-1)
  3. Kent City 15-4 (7-2)
  4. Reed City 11-8 (7-2)
  5. Big Rapids 10-8 (6-3)
  6. Lakeview 10-9 (4-5)
  7. Central Montcalm 8-11 (4-5)
  8. Newaygo 10-9 (3-6)
  9. White Cloud 7-13 (2-8)
  10. Tri County 3-14 (1-8)
  11. Chip Hills 1-18 (0-9)

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