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Joe's Takes: Lions are 1-0, Detroit vs Everybody

Some say it’s Christmas, but football season is the most wonderful time of the year. The days of kicking back, cracking open a cold one, and doing nothing but watching football for 9 hours on Sunday have returned and I couldn’t be happier. What makes it even better is that the Detroit Lions have taken the NFL world by storm.

Last week the Lions shocked 99% of the NFL fanbase by beating the Kansas City Chiefs 21-20. In what was arguably the most well-rounded game on both sides of the ball for the Lions in recent years, that was overshadowed by so many saying that some key absences from the Chiefs are the reason that they lost rather than the Lions winning.

Thanks to Mike Tirico’s comment of, “This has an asterisk because of no Chris Jones and Travis Kelce…”, referencing two stars of the Chiefs who didn’t play, many seem to think that the Lions won’t be able to live up to the hype. This is not the “same old Lions” of yesterday, this is a team that warrants opposing offensive linemen to be two yards behind the line of scrimmage before each snap, and the Chiefs are lucky that the refs were absolutely blind and didn’t call false start till the fourth quarter.

Regardless, a “W” is in the column and the Boys in Blue are headed into week two against the Seattle Seahawks. An organization who looks to have found their new quarterback in Geno Smith after the departure of Russell Wilson. Keep in mind, the Lions and Seahawks were in a heated battle for the playoffs that ended in the Lions being on the outside looking in.

The mantra of “Detroit vs. Everybody” is alive and well in the Motor City. From biting off kneecaps for the past three years to what will be over half of the stadium wearing blue ski masks in the stands, sipping the blue kool-aid. All I have to say is that the Lions are coming, and you better get out of the way.

 I’m getting too ahead of myself, let’s get into the nitty gritty of what you can expect for this game. Jared Goff shared the love in week one, passing it off to seven different receivers for 253 yards at 22/35. Favoring “Sun god” Amon-Ra St. Brown six times and getting a touchdown in the process.

The only thing that I didn’t like about Dan Campbell is that his game managing could use some heavy work. Jahmyr Gibbs looked like a seasoned vet when he got the ball, but the guy only gets a chance 7 times in the game? The duo combined for 116 yards, with Montgomery notching a TD, but Campbell has to understand that Gibbs could be a dynamic game changer if you give him the ball at least ten plus times each game.

Maybe we’ll see a little bit of a different approach when it comes to the run game in week two, especially when the Seahawks got routed by the Rams, 30-13. Geno barely broke the triple digit mark in passing with 112 yards, and their run game really wasn’t any better with 85 yards and no scores. Keep in mind, the Rams were ranked 31st in defense coming into week one.

In my 22 years of living, the Seahawks have normally been a team that wins games they shouldn’t and loses games that should be an easy win. With that being said, this decision was a little bit harder to conclude. Now, let’s get into my prediction.

I’m really hoping to see Gibbs get at least 10 touches this game and get his first NFL touchdown. Sam LaPorta and Kalif Raymond are going to be sneaky producers in the contest, St. Brown and Goff will keep on clicking, and I wouldn’t be surprised if the Lions secondary comes up with two interceptions by the end of the fourth quarter.

Lions will win the game, 38-14, or at least by two scores. Aidan Hutchinson wants revenge on Kenneth Walker III, CJ Gardner Johnson is entering his villain era, and forget about Lumen Field it’s going to be Ford Field that holds the crown as the loudest stadium in the league, and I can guarantee you that.

Keep sipping the blue kool-aid people, it’s our time now.


Listen to the Lions this Sunday on WBRN 1460am, 107.7fm, and 96.5fm.

Kickoff at 1:00pm.


Local High School Schedule & Scores

CSAA Baseball

SATURDAY 4/13/24

White Cloud 9 @ Holton 5

White Cloud 0 @ Merrill 13 (6inn)

Clare 16 @ Chip Hills 7 (4inn)

Greenville 9 @ Chip Hills 9 (8inn)

Kent City 1 @ Whitehall 16 (4inn)

Fremont 3 @ Kent City 0


MONDAY 4/15/24

Shepherd 3 @ Big Rapids 9

Shepherd 12 @ Big Rapids 0 (5inn)

Newaygo 0 @ C Montcalm 1

Newaygo 0 @ C Montcalm 2


TUESDAY 4/16/24

Chip Hills 7 @ Tri County 3

Chip Hills 3 @ Tri County 2 (5inn)

Lakeview 2 @ Morley Stanwood 8

Lakeview 5 @ Morley Stanwood 11

Kent City 5 @ Newaygo 10

Kent City 4 @ Newaygo 11

Grant 1 @ Reed City 2

Grant 7 @ Reed City 5

C Montcalm 13 @ White Cloud 2

C Montcalm 2 @ White Cloud 6


THURSDAY 4/18/24

Shelby @ Kent City

Hesperia @ Lakeview


FRIDAY 4/19/24

White Cloud @ Big Rapids

Tri County @ C Montcalm

Newaygo @ Grant

Morley Stanwood @ Kent City

Reed City @ Chip Hills



CSAA Softball

SATURDAY 4/13/24

Grant 0 @ Ravenna 15 (3inn)

Tri County 0 @ Ravenna 10 (CH Forfeit)

Chip Hills 0 @ Clare 16

Chip Hills 0 @ Vestaburg 12

MONDAY 4/15/24

Shepherd 2 @ Big Rapids 12 (5inn)

Shepherd 9 @ Big Rapids 6 (8inn)

Newaygo 15 @ C Montcalm 11

Newaygo 1 @ C Montcalm 14 (5inn)

Lakeview 1 @ Vestaburg 16 (4inn)

Lakeivew 4 @ Vestaburg 10 (8inn)

TUESDAY 4/16/24

Chip Hills @ Tri County

Lakeview @ Morley Stanwood

Kent City 1 @ Newaygo 4

Kent City 0 @ Newaygo 11 (5inn)

Grant 1 @ Reed City 5

Grant 1 @ Reed City 16 (3inn)

C Montcalm @ White Cloud

THURSDAY 4/18/24

Greenville @ C Montcalm

Sparta @ Kent City

Hesperia @ Lakeview

FRIDAY 4/19/24

White Cloud @ Big Rapids

Tri County @ C Montcalm

Newaygo @ Grant

Morley Stanwood @ Kent City

Reed City @ Chip Hills

SATURDAY 4/20/24

Lakeview @Beaverton Tournament

Big Rapids @ TC West

CSAA Baseball Standings

1) Big Rapids: 2-0 | +31 -6 (+25)

2) Morley Stanwood: 2-1 | +24 -17 (+7)

3) Chippewa Hills: 2-1 | +22 -14 (+8)

4) Reed City: 2-1 | +17 -11 (+6)

5) Newaygo: 3-3 | +30 -24 (+6)

6) Central Montcalm: 3-3 | +22 -21 (+1)

7) Kent City: 2-2 | +32 -37 (-5)

8) Grant: 2-2 | +18 -12 (+6)

9) White Cloud: 1-1 | +8 -15 (-7)

10) Tri County: 0-3 | +11 -41 (-30)

11) Lakeview: 0-4 | +23 -41 (-18)

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