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The Marketing Mix

Boosting Local Business in a Small Market: Unleashing the Power of Radio Advertising

In today's digital era, where online marketing reigns supreme, it's easy to overlook the potential of traditional advertising channels. However, radio advertising continues to be a powerful tool for driving traffic to websites and generating online sales and interaction for local businesses, especially in small markets.

In this blog post, we will explore how radio advertising can be leveraged to propel local businesses to new heights by tapping into the online world.

  1. Establishing Brand Awareness

One of the primary benefits of radio advertising is its ability to build brand awareness among local audiences. By consistently delivering a compelling message on the airwaves, businesses can imprint their brand identity in the minds of listeners. When listeners are later exposed to the business's website through the radio ad, they are more likely to recognize and trust the brand, thus driving traffic to the website. This same concept is applied to radio help make SEM/SEO efforts more effective. When someone knows the name and trusts the brand, they're more likely to click on even a text based ad (SEM).

  1. Crafting Engaging Radio Ads

To effectively drive traffic to a website, radio ads must be carefully crafted to capture the listener's attention and create curiosity. By using attention-grabbing hooks, memorable slogans, and engaging storytelling, businesses can create an emotional connection with the audience. Additionally, including a strong call-to-action that encourages listeners to visit the website can significantly increase website traffic. Johnson's Automotive runs a series of commercials designed to sound like 90's action movie trailers. This helps them stand out amongst the noise and connect with consumers in an emotionally positive way.

  1. Integrating Digital Elements

While radio advertising is a traditional medium, it can seamlessly integrate with the digital world to drive online engagement. Including specific mentions of the website URL or social media handles within the radio ad encourages listeners to explore further online. Furthermore, businesses can run concurrent online campaigns that complement the radio ads, such as social media contests, online discounts, or exclusive content accessible through the website.

  1. Leveraging Targeted Radio Segments

In small markets, radio stations often cater to specific demographics or interests. By understanding the target audience and selecting the right radio stations and time slots, businesses can reach their ideal customers more effectively. This targeted approach ensures that the message resonates with the listeners, driving traffic to the website from individuals who are more likely to convert into customers. For example, Rewind 99.1's Classic Rock format targets older men. Local truck driving companies who need to recruit drivers, a male dominated industry, can cost effectively utilize the station to target the exact demographic that would be most likely to apply. The Mecosta County Free Fair focuses efforts on Big Country 100.9, a country music station, because the format fits the lifestlyes of the people most likely to attend the fair. For more on station formats and profiles, you can email

  1. Analyzing and Optimizing Campaign Performance

Unlike some traditional advertising methods, radio advertising can be measured and optimized for better results. Utilizing unique URLs or promo codes mentioned in radio ads enables businesses to track the traffic and sales generated through specific campaigns. This data can be analyzed to determine the effectiveness of the radio ads and make informed decisions for future campaigns. Big Rapids Media can create and integrate landing pages into campaigns to help track online traffic driven by a radio campaign.

  1. Collaboration with Radio Personalities and Shows

Engaging with local radio personalities and shows, such as Mornings with Etch, can amplify the impact of radio advertising. Partnering with popular DJs or hosting interviews with relevant industry experts on radio shows can generate buzz around the business and increase website traffic. Additionally, radio stations often have an online presence, allowing businesses to leverage cross-promotion by featuring website links, social media handles, or exclusive online content.


In small markets, where the online presence of local businesses may not be as prominent, radio advertising presents a golden opportunity to drive traffic to websites and generate online sales and interaction. By strategically leveraging radio ads to build brand awareness, crafting engaging content, integrating digital elements, targeting specific segments, analyzing campaign performance, and collaborating with radio personalities, local businesses can thrive in the online space. Embracing the power of radio advertising will enable businesses to connect with their target audience, expand their online presence, and ultimately drive growth in their small market.


Local High School Schedule & Scores

CSAA Baseball

SATURDAY 4/13/24

White Cloud 9 @ Holton 5

White Cloud 0 @ Merrill 13 (6inn)

Clare 16 @ Chip Hills 7 (4inn)

Greenville 9 @ Chip Hills 9 (8inn)

Kent City 1 @ Whitehall 16 (4inn)

Fremont 3 @ Kent City 0


MONDAY 4/15/24

Shepherd 3 @ Big Rapids 9

Shepherd 12 @ Big Rapids 0 (5inn)

Newaygo 0 @ C Montcalm 1

Newaygo 0 @ C Montcalm 2


TUESDAY 4/16/24

Chip Hills 7 @ Tri County 3

Chip Hills 3 @ Tri County 2 (5inn)

Lakeview 2 @ Morley Stanwood 8

Lakeview 5 @ Morley Stanwood 11

Kent City 5 @ Newaygo 10

Kent City 4 @ Newaygo 11

Grant 1 @ Reed City 2

Grant 7 @ Reed City 5

C Montcalm 13 @ White Cloud 2

C Montcalm 2 @ White Cloud 6


THURSDAY 4/18/24

Shelby @ Kent City

Hesperia @ Lakeview


FRIDAY 4/19/24

White Cloud @ Big Rapids

Tri County @ C Montcalm

Newaygo @ Grant

Morley Stanwood @ Kent City

Reed City @ Chip Hills



CSAA Softball

SATURDAY 4/13/24

Grant 0 @ Ravenna 15 (3inn)

Tri County 0 @ Ravenna 10 (CH Forfeit)

Chip Hills 0 @ Clare 16

Chip Hills 0 @ Vestaburg 12

MONDAY 4/15/24

Shepherd 2 @ Big Rapids 12 (5inn)

Shepherd 9 @ Big Rapids 6 (8inn)

Newaygo 15 @ C Montcalm 11

Newaygo 1 @ C Montcalm 14 (5inn)

Lakeview 1 @ Vestaburg 16 (4inn)

Lakeivew 4 @ Vestaburg 10 (8inn)

TUESDAY 4/16/24

Chip Hills @ Tri County

Lakeview @ Morley Stanwood

Kent City 1 @ Newaygo 4

Kent City 0 @ Newaygo 11 (5inn)

Grant 1 @ Reed City 5

Grant 1 @ Reed City 16 (3inn)

C Montcalm @ White Cloud

THURSDAY 4/18/24

Greenville @ C Montcalm

Sparta @ Kent City

Hesperia @ Lakeview

FRIDAY 4/19/24

White Cloud @ Big Rapids

Tri County @ C Montcalm

Newaygo @ Grant

Morley Stanwood @ Kent City

Reed City @ Chip Hills

SATURDAY 4/20/24

Lakeview @Beaverton Tournament

Big Rapids @ TC West

CSAA Baseball Standings

1) Big Rapids: 2-0 | +31 -6 (+25)

2) Morley Stanwood: 2-1 | +24 -17 (+7)

3) Chippewa Hills: 2-1 | +22 -14 (+8)

4) Reed City: 2-1 | +17 -11 (+6)

5) Newaygo: 3-3 | +30 -24 (+6)

6) Central Montcalm: 3-3 | +22 -21 (+1)

7) Kent City: 2-2 | +32 -37 (-5)

8) Grant: 2-2 | +18 -12 (+6)

9) White Cloud: 1-1 | +8 -15 (-7)

10) Tri County: 0-3 | +11 -41 (-30)

11) Lakeview: 0-4 | +23 -41 (-18)

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