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News That Affects You Archives for 2022-08

Algae Bloom detected on Hess Lake in Newaygo County

District Health Department #10 (DHD#10) was notified by the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) that algae blooms were detected on Hess Lake in Newaygo County.  


Just recently, after being notified about what looked like algae blooms on Hess Lake, the United States Geological Survey (USGS) took samples on August 24, 2022, which were sent to the MDHHS lab where results came back positive for microcystin, an algal toxin released by some types of algae in lakes or rivers. Algae blooms can form when there are high nutrient levels within bodies of water along with warm temperatures. Signs have been placed in and around the boat launch area to notify individuals to avoid contact with the water.  


“Algae blooms look like a green mat right on top of the water that smells bad and has a gelatinous texture to them,” stated Michael Kramer, Environmental Health Director for DHD#10. “The algal toxins that are released can be harmful to aquatic life, pets, and humans so it is very important to avoid these areas.”  


Below are some steps to take when near waterways: 

  • Avoid direct contact with waterways that appear to be scummy or have a green shade to them  
  • Do not drink untreated surface water  
  • Obey posted signage for public health advisories and/or beach closings  
  • Limit or avoid eating fish from algal bloom impacted areas

Contact with algae blooms can cause minor illness in humans but can be fatal to pets. Therefore, it is also recommended that people keep their pets out of the water that shows any signs of algae blooms.


People and pets can experience the following symptoms after exposure to algae blooms: 

  • Rash, hives, or skin blisters at skin contact site  
  • Runny eyes and/or nose, sore throat, asthma-like symptoms, or allergic reactions  
  • Diarrhea, vomiting, abdominal pain, weakness, tingly fingers, numbness, dizziness, difficulty breathing, or even death resulting from ingesting contaminated water 

If you think you have been exposed to algae blooms, take the following precautions:  

  • Immediately remove yourself and/or your pet from the area   
  • Take a shower and thoroughly rinse off pets with clean, fresh water if they swam in an area with algae blooms to avoid potential toxic ingestion from licking  
  • Seek medical treatment for yourself and/or veterinary treatment for your pet as soon as possible if you think you or your pet may have been exposed to or ingested algal toxins

For more information about Harmful Algal Blooms, visit

Bulldog Bonanza event scheduled for Sept. 7

As the fall semester comes near, so does one of the largest student networking events on campus.

Bulldog Bonanza, which is slated for that Wednesday from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m., will be held in the Robinson
Quad outside the David L. Eisler University Center.

At the event, students will be able to connect with various campus clubs, community groups, and local
businesses. Many tables will hand out free cups, buttons, and other prizes courtesy of the group.

“Becoming a member of a Registered Student Organization (RSO) is a great way to meet people with
interests similar to your own,” News Services & Social Media Director Sandy Gholston said. “There are over 200 RSOs on campus, ranging from academic programs to club sports to faith-based to special


The event is hosted by Ferris State University Center for Student Involvement and admission is free.

Suspect dies following police chase in Newaygo Co.

Deputies from the Newaygo County Sheriff's Office were dispatched to a home Monday in Wilcox Township on a shots fired complaint.


The suspect vehicle was described as a red Dodge Charger. Undersheriff Chad Palmiter observed a vehicle matching the description traveling east on Baseline Road. The Undersheriff followed the vehicle and confirmed it was the suspect vehicle.


He activated his emergency lights and siren and the suspect accelerated and failed to stop.


The suspect continued east on East Baseline Road, crossed the centerline east of S. Oak Avenue and went off the roadway and struck a tree.


The suspect was declared dead on-scene.

UPDATE: MSP arrest suspect in fatal hit and run case

Michigan State Police arrested a Barryton man accused of a fatal hit and run in Isabella County.


Last Thursday, a local resident discovered an elderly woman deceased on the edge of Weidman Road east of Gilmore Road, according to a press release.


Troopers say it appears the elderly woman was struck and killed by a motor vehicle.


The 19-year old suspect was arrested Friday and his vehicle has been impounded.


Expected charges include failing to stop and report an accident involving serious injury or death, a five-year felony, and tampering with evidence.

Big Rapids Police Weekend Blotter


40-2201792 @ 6:18am 600 block Oak St Assist- Male was discharged from the ER but wanted to sleep.  Transported to a shelter.

40-2201793 @ 7:20am 1100 block Catherine Assist- Assisted parent in getting her child to school

40-2201794 @ 7:46am 200 block Perry St Unknown Alarm- disregarded while on scene

40-2201795 @ 11:27am 800 block N Fourth Vulnerable Adult Abuse- Received a notification from APS that a couple were taking money from their daughter.

40-2201796 @ 11:43am Warrant Pick up Met Newaygo County

40-2201797 @ 12:25pm 100 block N Michigan.  Wire Fraud- Complainant was buying a condo in Florida.  She was using a real estate agent.  She wired money to an account 3 days earlier.  Unsure how the wire transfer was interrupted, and a different account number was written in.  Under investigation.

40-2201798 @ 12:58pm 400 block Sanborn Civil/Property Line dispute.  Caller is claiming neighbor is putting a fence on her property.  She refuses to get a survey. 

40-2201799 @ 4:02pm 300 block S Fourth Area Check for a female driving without a license.  Contact was made with the female. Warrant request sent to City Attorney.

40-2201800 @ 4:03pm 300 block Maple Assisted in recovering a stolen car out of Mt Pleasant.  The owner was in the process of making a report.  Located the driver. He took the car and came to Big Rapids.  Owner of the vehicle did not want to pursue charges. 

40-2201801 @ 5:31pm Walk in assist.  Male complaining ex-girlfriend was threatening him over text messages. 

40-2201802 @ 6:15pm 4 Car Crash at Woodward and S State St.

40-2201803 @ 7:18pm 300 block N Warren, assault- Male was arrested for assault after he jumped in a moving car and punched the passenger.

40-2201804 @ 6:54pm Walk-in at 40.  Subject reported he was being extorted for money after exchanging sexual videos with an unknown subject.

40-2201805 @ 8:49pm Found backpack at Mitchell Creek Park. Backpack had shorts, charging cord and Magic cards in it.

40-2201806 @ 10:08pm 300 block N Warren.  While locking up the bathrooms, officer found the men’s room mirror had been broken.  DPW Notified.

40-2201807 @ 9:59pm Maple/State Traffic Stop led to driver being cited for no insurance.  Towed by Curries.

40-2201808 @ 11:07pm Traffic Stop Madison/Marion led to driver being cited for no insurance.  Towed to Curries.

40-2201809 @ 1:22am 600 block Hutchinson Suspicious.  Caller stated a large subject was pounding on her door. 

40-2201810 @ 2:19am 600 block S State.  Alarm. Building was secure.

40-2201811 @ 12:57pm Maple/State.  Attempted Traffic Stop led to the pursuit of a Honda motorcycle. The motorcycle had no plate.  Vehicle fled from Michigan and Maple to 8 Mile and Northland Drive, back to State and Rust, then south to Gilbert where he went into Bulldog Ln.  The Subject then stopped his bike by Michigan Pain Clinic.  Items on scene identified the operator as a juvenile from Stanwood.  MCSO followed up for us by checking the residence and spoke to the mother on the phone and brother that confirmed it was his motorcycle.  Bike towed to DPS by Curries for Processing. Pending further investigation.  

40-2201812 @ 3:37pm 700 block Tioga Park.  Noise warning issued.



40-2201813 @ 11:34am 1300 block Milton Ave Adult Protective Services referral for a fraud.  APS reported female is victim of a scam. 

40-2201814 @ 1:49pm 500 block Willow Juvenile- Principal located a six-year-old at the school.  The child is autistic.  Mom was sleeping and he got out.

40-2201815 @ 2:23pm 600 block S State St Lost property.  Male believed he left his wallet at the gas station

40-2201816 @ 14:42pm 200 block Baldwin St MDOP/B&E Witness saw two juveniles breaking out the windows to the old Canoe Livery.  Witness photographed and video recorded them leaving the property.  They were caught up Riverwalk where they admitted to vandalizing the building.  One was on probation.  Both were released to parents.

40-2201817 @ 5:11pm 200 block S Bronson Identity theft.  Caller reported her identity was stolen as she was opening a credit card account.

40-2201818 @ 6:22pm 2 car Crash Woodward State

40-2201819 @ 7:16pm Found Backpack at N. End Park. 

40-2201820 @ 11:21pm 100 block S Michigan.  ID check verified male was in fact born 1977

40-2201821 @ 1:08am State/Cedar.  Unknown PDC.  Street signs found by South Admiral had been run over.  Dropped off at DPW and notified. 

40-2201822 @ 11:48pm 400 block S. Michigan.  300–400-person party was dispersed after a female requested officer help for a forehead laceration.  She refused to ID herself and refused an ambulance.  Breaking up the party took over an hour.  BRDPS contacted the party group while other officers assisted in foot/vehicle traffic control.  Assisted by MCSO, FSU and MSP.  Subjects were cooperative. 

40-2201823 @ 2:38am 400 block S Michigan.  Found iPhone in the street.  Emergency contact was notified, and pickup was scheduled.

40-2201824 @ 2:47am 400 block S Michigan Suspicious.  While at the above, a black passenger car was parked on the side of the street with two flat driver's side tires.  Vehicle appears to have been driven on the rim but had no body damage. 

40-2201825 @ 3:01am 300 block S Stewart.  Report of a fight in front of a residence.  Officers arrived on scene to parties fleeing on foot.  Contact was made with a female who stated subjects involved were only verbally arguing and had fled through her house.

40-2201826 @ 3:31am 300 block Morrison CSC under investigation

40-2201827 @ 3:31am Warrant arrest for Contempt of Court

40-2201182 @ 3:31am Original Assault warrant arrest.



40-2201829 @ 7:41am Cedar St/Michigan Ave. Found property. Two bicycles were found on the sidewalk.

40-2201830 @ 4:25pm Maple St/Ives Ave. OWI. Male was arrested for OWI after a third party called in his driving behavior and possible open intoxicant in the vehicle.

40-2201831 @ 2:47am 200 block Baldwin warrant arrest out of Kent County for probation violation.

MSP investigating fatal hit and run in Isabella Co.

Troopers with the Michigan State Police Mount Pleasant Post are investigating a fatal hit and run crash that occured Thursday morning on Weidman Road near Gilmore, Nottawa Township, Isabella County.

Michigan State Police say a local resident discovered an elderly woman deceased on the edge of the roadway who appears to have been struck and killed by a motor vehicle.


Details are limited as the investigation continues.


Anyone with information is asked to contact the Michigan State Police Mount Pleasant Post at 989-773-5951.

Reed City disc golf course has successful sneak peak tournament

In part of the town’s Crossroads Celebration weekend, Rambadt Park’s new disc golf course was
playable to the public for the first time last Saturday.

The event was put together by the Reed City Disc Golf Club and directed by course designer Steve

Over 50 players came play Osceola County’s first public disc golf course, including two from as far as
Texas. Each registered player was able to play up to four rounds in various formats, as well as receive a free disc and purchase various club merchandise.

The day began with registration as well as various clinics put on by advanced and professional players that helped teach skills of throwing, putting, and other basics. Players were then able to throw from each set tee pad location and play towards temporary baskets.

“The number one thing that people said was they really liked the course design and thought it was both fun and challenging,” Hedstrom said. “There's a couple places that we're going to have a tee pad a little bit further back from a tree so people don't hit their hand on it, but that was something I was probably going to be doing anyways.”

While the course was opened over the weekend, the temporary baskets have been removed for the
near future; however, construction has already begun to make the course available by hopefully end of September.

“Reed City Disc Golf is currently under construction of the very next step for putting in the basket cuffs,” Hedstrom said. “Within the last few days, holes were dug so things are coming along. We're going to be installing baskets within the next two weeks.”

Gov. Whitmer approves state emergency funding for Mecosta County to cover flood response efforts

 Governor Gretchen Whitmer approved $750,000 in assistance for Mecosta County and the City of Big Rapids following a severe thunderstorm and flooding in May.


The funds were made available through the Disaster and Emergency Contingency Fund, which is used to provide state assistance in coping with a disaster or emergency where local efforts have been exhausted.

According to the press release, Gov. Whitmer said:


“Michiganders always have each other’s backs, especially in times of need, and I am proud to approve assistance today for Mecosta County and the City of Big Rapids to help them recover from the severe thunderstorm and flooding in May,” said Governor Whitmer. “This emergency assistance funding will cover any outstanding flood costs and help impacted areas get back to normal. I’m grateful for the first responders and elected officials in Mecosta County who stepped up in a big way to protect residents from the heavy rainfall and floods this spring.”


The governor has approved $500,000 for Mecosta County and $250,000 for the City of Big Rapids.


Disaster and Emergency Contingency Fund awards can be applied toward the immediate prevention, response and recovery of a disaster or emergency, as well as cover overtime for public employees, contracts used during the response, shelter supplies, gasoline used during the response and repair of public buildings and infrastructure. 

President Biden announces student loan forgiveness plan

President Joe Biden has announced his long-awaited plan to deliver on his campaign promise to provide $10,000 in student debt cancellation for millions of Americans - and up to $10,000 more for those with the greatest financial need.


The president announced in a tweet that borrowers who earn less than $125,000 a year, or families earning less than $250,000, would be eligible for the $10,000 loan forgiveness.


For recipients of Pell Grants, which are reserved for undergraduates with the most significant financial need, the federal government would cancel up to an additional $10,000 in federal loan debt.


President Biden is also extending a pause on federal student loan payments through the end of 2022.

Big Rapids Area Junior Hockey Association to host kick off event Sunday!

We may be getting closer to fall, but there is a kick off event for the Big Rapids Area Junior Hockey Association taking place this weekend.


As a way to celebrate, BRAJHA will be hosting a kick off event at the Ferris Ice Arena on Sunday Aug. 28th starting at 3pm.


Tim Blashill, Ice Arena Director and Head Coach of the BR High School Hockey team says this is a great way to get all the information you need if you are a returning player or if your just starting out.


Along with a informational meeting from 4:30pm-6pm, there will also be a free open skate for attendees from 4pm-6pm and an equipment sale/swap for families just starting out their hockey journey from 3pm-6pm.

Trump endorses Dixon's pick of Hernandez as Michigan Lt. Gov. Candidate

Former President Trump is endorsing Michigan gubernatorial candidate Tudor Dixon's choice for Lt. Governor, Shane Hernandez.


Trump calling on Michigan Republicans to "work together" with the party's convention this weekend.


The endorsement came shortly after former gubernatorial candidate Ralph Rebandt from Oakland County announced he was running for Lieutenant Governor.


Meantime, another gov candidate, Garrett Soldano, announced yesterday he was not seeking the Lieutenant Governor seat.

Reed City Police Blotter 8/1-8/21

Monday… 8/1
Officers took complaint of possible reckless driving. Upon investigation the driver was warned to drive more cautiously and the caller was warned not to walk in the road impeding traffic.

Officers received a report of a resident possessing fowl that may be in violation of city ordinance. Upon investigating there was no violation.

Officers were requested to back up an Osceola County Deputy regarding a man harassing customers for a ride at a local gas station. His wish for a ride was granted when it was discovered he had an outstanding warrant out of a nearby county.

Officers were dispatched to check on an individual who was sitting in their car crying at an apartment
complex parking lot. The individual was found to be having relationship problems but was otherwise okay.

Tuesday …8/2
Officers found an unlocked door at a local business while conducting property checks. The owner was contacted and the building secured.

Officers assisted the Osceola County Sheriff Department for officer safety while a deputy conducted sobriety tests on a driver.

Officers issued an appearance citation for having an unregistered/inoperable vehicle in violation of city ordinance.

Wednesday …8/3
While conducting a traffic stop for an expired plate, it was discovered the vehicle also had no insurance coverage. The 33-year-old male driver was issued an appearance citation for operating without insurance and cited for the expired plate.3

Thursday …8/4
As part of standard reporting procedures, officers received a report from an assisted living facility of a bruise on a resident’s leg that was unknown as to how it occurred. Upon investigation no reason was found to suggest any wrong doing.

Officers took a report of a minor physical argument between two residents of an assisted living facility. Both residents have dementia and neither remembered it. There was no injury nor criminal culpability.

Officers took a report of a dispute between neighbors at an apartment complex. Both were advised to refrain from contact with each other.

Officers were dispatched to a found debit card. The owner was contacted and requested the card be destroyed as they had already requested a new one.


While responding to an unrelated call officers smelled marijuana and observed it being used in the public area of an apartment complex. The man was issued a citation for public use.

Friday …8/5
Officers received a complaint of theft by an employee of a local business. The matter us under investigation.

Officers were dispatched to a two-car crash. There was only minor damage and no injuries.

Officers received a complaint of possible criminal sexual conduct between and adult and a teen minor. The matter is under investigation.

Officers receive a request to attempt to locate a local resident for a neighboring police agency. Contact was made and the individual was advised to contact the agency.

Saturday …8/6
Officers issued a verbal warning to a new resident for violating the city ordinance on burning.

A verbal warning was issued to a UTV driver for operating for a short distance on a state highway.

Sunday …8/7
Officers responded to a complaint of trespassing. The complainant is of the belief that a previous tenant is into witchcraft and has been entering the house to leave witchcraft items. The complainant believes the previous tenant is conspiring to drive the caller insane. Officers found no proof to support the previous tenant had returned to the residence.

Officers were dispatched to a suspicious situation. The caller stated they believed a woman they had seen to be suffering a mental health episode and were concerned for her safety. The officer was familiar with the woman who suffers from medical issues that can cause her to appear that way.

Officers were dispatched to check on the well being of an individual who was out of their medication.
Contact was made and the person found to be okay. The stated to the officer they would get

medication refills the next day.

Officers took a complaint of possible rape. The matter is under investigation.

Officers were dispatched to a disorderly conduct complaint at an apartment complex. Both parties were warned of the behavior they exhibited during a verbal disagreement and advised to have no contact with each other.

Tuesday …8/9
Officers took a report of a runaway juvenile. The matter was unfounded.

Officers issued an abatement notice for a large amount of remodeling refuse in the yard.

Officers received a complaint of very angry emails regarding veteran’s services. It was discovered the
Michigan State Police had already taken a report on the matter.


Wednesday …8/10
Officers received a complaint of careless driving by teenagers. Officers patrolled the area and there were no issues.

While on patrol officers issued a 48-hour removal tag to a vehicle left on the roadside.

Thursday …8/11
Officers received a report of unlawful entry to an unoccupied city building. The matter is under

Officers took a report of malicious destruction of property. One of the involved individuals was also served a personal protection order when making contact regarding the incident. It is under investigation.

Officers received a report of a tenant cleaning out the garage to a residence they are renting and a catalytic was found. The caller believed it may have been stolen by the previous tenant. The matter is under investigation.

Officers were dispatched to a possible criminal sexual conduct. Upon investigation it was determined to have happened outside the city and the investigation was turned over to the Osceola County Sheriff Department.

Friday …8/12
Officers served an abatement notice regarding a violation of the city trash ordinance.

While on patrol officers heard arguing and made contact with the individuals. An adult son and his mother were arguing because she would not give him her phone so he could check who she was messaging, regarding dating, on her phone. The situation was calmed and both were warned regarding the noise.

Saturday …8/13
While on patrol officers located the door to a business partially open after hours. The building was checked and secure. The owner was also contacted.

Officers made contact with a driver who was observed going well below the posted speed limit impeding traffic. It was determined the driver was unfamiliar with the area and visiting a friend.

Sunday …8/14
While conducting a traffic stop for speeding officers discovered the 25-year-old woman was driving
with an expired license. She was issued an appearance citation for the expired license and cited for
speed and having and expired license plate.

Officers took a report of a larceny of a semi trailer by failing to return it after renting it from a
business. The matter is under investigation.

Tuesday …8/16
Officers located and served a man a notice of trespassing. He was advised he was not welcome at the
particular apartment complex at the request of management and that he would be trespassing if he returned.

Officers were dispatched to a larceny complaint. Investigation revealed it was not a larceny but a civil
dispute between to previous roommates.


Wednesday …8/17
Officers were dispatched to a complaint of loud music. The area was checked but the music had been turned off and the source was not located.

Officers were dispatched to loud arguing. Upon arrival it was discovered a couple was having a dispute and it had gotten loud. Warnings were given.

Officers received a letter from a department of corrections inmate wanting to report a larceny of his property locally. It was discovered the RCPD was one of three agencies he had sent the letter to and it was already under investigation by another agency.

Officers were dispatched to the Pere Marquette trail for a possible horse and buggy crash. It was determined the horses were tied out and had become entangled together. The Amish owners were singing for patients at an extended care facility nearby.

Thursday …8/18
Officers were dispatched to a possible criminal sexual conduct involving providing alcohol to a minor. The matter is under investigation.

Officers took a complaint of trespassing at an apartment complex. The matter has been forwarded to the prosecutor for review.

Friday …8/19
Officers were dispatched to a two-car crash with minor damage and no injuries

Officers received a report of possible child abuse. The matter is under investigation.

Officers issued three abatement notices for overgrown grass.

Officer issued a misdemeanor appearance citation to a 25-year-old man for Trespassing at an apartment complex.

Officers were dispatched to a complaint of a dog at large. A citation was issued to the owner.

Officers arrested a 60-year-old man for Operating While Impaired by Alcohol. He was lodged at the Osceola County Jail.

Saturday …8/20
Officers were dispatched to a two-car crash with minor damage and no injuries.

Officers investigated a report of an individual using a businesses dumpster for trash without permission. A warning was given at the request of the owner. While speaking with the individual she was issued an abatement notice for overgrown grass.

Officers were dispatched to a noise complaint at an apartment complex. The matter was unfounded.

Officers issued a citation to a 17-year-old juvenile for driving without a license. The vehicle was turned over to a licensed driver and the matter forwarded to Probate Court.


Sunday …8/21
Officers took a report of a criminal sexual conduct between two juveniles. The matter has been forwarded to Probate Court.

Big Rapids Police Weekend Blotter


40-2201729 @ 8:30am Parkview Village Larceny from vehicle Multiple vehicles rummaged through. Under investigation.

40-2201730 @ 11:28am Walk in found property/warrant arrest.  Female lost her cell phone while at the bar.  It was turned into the office.  She was found to have a Probation Violation warrant out of MCSO.  She was lodged. 

40-2201731 @ 11:38am State/Pere Marquette 2 car crash

40-2201732 @ 11:00am Assist MCSO w/search warrant

40-2201733 @ 12:44pm State & Woodward 2 Car crash

40-2201734 @ 2:42pm 417 Sanborn Ave Property Line dispute.  The new owner is tired of neighbor’s lawn care company mowing on his lawn. 

40-2201735 @ 3:30pm DHHS 800 block Water Tower Rd Stand by with CPS as they removed children

40-2201736: Number taken in error

40-2201737 @ 7:38pm 500 block Woodward Civil. Child custody dispute between

40-2201738 @ 9:16pm 200 block N State St Hit and Run PPDA. Silver colored Impala (2006-2016 body style) with handicapped plate backed into the storage shed and left. Driver was described as an older female with two black, female children in the car. The vehicle left south on S State St. No video.

40-2201739 @ 9:39pm 1 Parkview Village Civil Female stated her ex was stalking her and had come to the apartment and threatened her.

2201740 @ 11:38pm Warrant Arrest Met Osceola County at dispatch.

2201741 @ 1:19am 700 block Clark Noise Complaint. Resident issued noise warning.



40-2201742 @ 8:31am 800 block N Fourth Domestic - Female reported she was assaulted by male over the last two days. She called after he'd already left to Grand Rapids.

40-2201743 @ 8:54am - BRPD - Found credit card

40-2201744 @ 12:57pm BRPD Suspicious - caller reporting speaking with an unknown female who was talking about human trafficking, and wanted to make a report, but never showed up to BRPD to meet with an officer.

40-2201745 @ 12:46pm 600 block Hutchinson - Animal complaint - Dog had been left abandoned for an unknown amount of time and clawed its way through a screen on the 2nd floor. Neighbors got it down and it was taken to the shelter.

40-2201746 @ 1:31pm 18000 block 14 Mile Rd. - Assist MCSO, respond to back up MCSO Deputy.

40-2201747 @ 5:41pm Traffic Stop at State/Pine led to a male being arrested on outstanding warrants.

40-2201748 @ 6:38pm 1700 block S State St Civil. Female had rented a room in the early hours of 8/20 and assumed she had the room through 8/21.  She did not have the money to pay for another night and was given a ride to a local shelter.



40-2201749 @ 10:59am 1100 block Fuller Ave. UDAA. Officers responded for a suspicious motorcycle. Officers contacted the owner who stated that his motorcycle was stolen. Investigation of the complaint led to a male from Grand Rapids being arrested for UDAA. Multiple witnesses put him on the scene with the stolen motorcycle. While speaking with him, officers also found his motorcycle, a Yamaha with no visible VIN or plate. The Yamaha was seized for processing for the VIN adulteration. The second motorcycle was processed with the assistance of MSP and a partial VIN was located. The male was lodged for UDAA and VIN adulteration.

40-2201750 @ 12:36pm 1200 block Perry Ave. PIA. Minor injuries.

40-2201751 @ 4:01pm 1100 block Catherine St. Death. Officers were dispatched for a possible overdose. Female was found to be deceased. Investigation is ongoing.

40-2201752 @ 5:00pm 300 block Morrison Ave. Civil. Officers responded to document complainant’s civil complaint about issues with their roommate.



City Commission approves grant money for tree planting program

15 new trees will be planted around the Big Rapids Community in the near future as part of a tree planting grant.


The Big Rapids City Commission earlier this week, approved a resolution authorizing a grant agreement for the 2022 Consumers Energy Community Street and Boulevard Tree Planting program.


The grant, administered through the Michigan Forestry and Park Association in the amount of $3,000, covers partial payment for 15 trees to be planted in public rights-of-way and on city owned property.


According to the resolution, Big Rapids will match the grant award with $2,925.00 which covers the remaining $300.00 in tree costs and $2,625 in tree delivery and planting services by New

Horizons Landscape.


The new trees are expected to be planted during the month of October.


Big Rapids Police Blotter: 8/15-8/17


40-2201696 @ 8:38am Maple St / Warren Ave. Traffic Stop for expired plate and no insurance.


40-2201697 @ 9:12am BRPD. Lost Property. Complainant stated that he thought someone stole his phone at a local establishment. Upon investigation and video review, it appeared the complainant did not have his phone there and had lost it earlier in the night.


40-2201698 @ 11:11am BRPD. Civil. Complainant spoke with officers about his ongoing issues with his ex-girlfriend and child.


40-2201699 @ 12:13pm State and Chestnut. PDA


40-2201700 @ 1:12pm 1200 block Perry Ave. Harassment. Officer spoke with complainant who reported his ex-girlfriend was harassing him.


40-2201701 @ 3:36pm 200 block Pemberton Ave. Assault. Officers responded to an assault complaint. Female was lodged for hitting male as he was getting his personal belongings from the residence.


40-2201702 @ 7:42pm 700 block S. State. Suspicious Situation Employees called advising a male had been in the bathroom for quite some time with the door propped open. Officers located the male who advised he was cleaning up in the bathroom. He was trespassed per request of employees.


40-2201703 @ 8:08pm Traffic stop State/Perry led to arrest of driver for OWI.




40-2201705 @ 3:22pm BRPD. Warrant Arrest. Male came into the BRPD to pick up his ID that he had lost, he had a contempt warrant for traffic offenses and was lodged.


40-2201706 @ 6:33pm 300 block Oak St. MDOP. Graffiti was found in the area and documented.


40-2201707 @ 9:31pm 200 block N. Warren, verbal argument between a male and a female.


40-2201708 @ 10:35pm Officers made contact with a male in city parking lot 4. He was intoxicated when officers spoke to him and was told not to drive.  A short time later he chose to get into his vehicle and leave the parking lot. A traffic stop was attempted at State/Sanborn, he led officers on slow pursuit to his residence, where he was arrested for OWI, flee and elude, and cited for no license, improper plate, and refusing PBT.  Vehicle towed to Curries.



40-2201709 @ 8:48am 100 block S Michigan Ave alarm


40-2201710 @ 9:28am 800 block Country Way APS referral. 


40-2201711 @ 6:07pm 200 block Pemberton Ave Civil Male stopped by to trade property with a female.  They argued, the female left, and the complainant followed her to the laundromat then left.  No PPO or no contact orders against the male.  He was trespassed from the residence.  Female was advised to follow up with a PPO.


40-2201712 @ 6:30pm 500 block S Third Ave. Suspicious.  Female was caught looking in the window of a vehicle and pulling on the door handle.  She was hanging out at the dumpster and told to move along.  Went to the trail area.


40-2201713 @ 7:43pm 600 block Oak St.  Assisted security with escorting a patient back to their room.


40-2201714 @ 6:48pm Warrant Pickup from Newaygo.


40-2201715 @ 8:22pm 1700 block S State.  911 hang-up.  Female called reference her child's father serving her custody papers and she claimed he forged her name.  Female showed officers the paperwork that was properly filled out and named her in the court case.  She was advised.


40-2201716 @ 8:22pm 1700 block S. State.  Female from above had a FTA warrant and was lodged at MCSO.


40-2201717 @ 12:32am 400 block S Third C.  Female showed up 4.5 hours after their doors close to residents.  She appeared to be having a mental health crisis.  She was allowed in for the night and will be referred for help.


40-2201718 @ 2:13am 1800 block Milton.  Suspicious- Juveniles calling 911 stating they had seen someone outside. Cameras were reviewed and nobody seen.

Who will be running mate for GOP Governor nominee Tudor Dixon?

We could see a fight at the State GOP Convention later this month over the party's nomination for Lt. Governor.


Republican gubernatorial candidate Tudor Dixon, who will take on Democratic Governor Gretchen Whitmer in the November election is expected to announce her pick for a running mate later this week.


Former candidates for Governor Ryan Kelly and Ralph Rebandt have both said they're considering seeking the party's nomination for the number two job. But there are reports that some Republicans could try to overrule her choice to support a candidate more aligned with the grassroots faction of the party.


Republicans will officially endorse candidates for Lt. Governor and other top offices at the convention on August 27th.

Great American Crossroads 5K set for Saturday

Looking for a way to stay fit this weekend? Reed City is hosting the Great American Crossroads 5K race Saturday, August 20th at 9 a.m.

The 5K race and kids dash are sponsored by the Reed City High School Cross Country team.
Festivities will begin and finish at the Reed City Depot, which is also the site for registration and check- in. The race course encompasses roads and trails through Westerburg and Rambadt Parks.

“Our race takes advantage of the rails to trails system in Reed City along with our great riverwalk trail,” Race Director Rich Saladin said. “It’s a great, fast run and we hope to get a great turn out.”

Registration for the race includes a “swag bag” and a t-shirt while supplies last. The 5K race price is $35 for general admission and $25 for K-12 students. For the kid’s dash, pricing is free for all competitors.

For registration and more information, visit the race information dashboard on Facebook at

Big Rapids Firefighters getting new equipment

Big Rapids Firefighters will be getting new breathing apparatus' in the near future.


Fire Department Director Steve Schroeder told the city commission earlier this week, the current devices in service are reaching their lifespan of 15 years, per state requirements and need replacement.


Those are the backpacks that we wear in the fire division that we use to go into smokey environments or an environment that may be hazardous to breathe in. Schroeder said. “Our air packs are actually at the end of their lifespan of 15 years, so we have several air packs that are actually out of service right now that are about three-quarters of the cost of a new one to repair and with them ending, we've chosen not to replace those or fix them rather.”


The City Commission approved a low bid from West Shore Fire of $176,623 for replacement of 19 air packs and other fire accessory devices.

Consumers Energy to test emergency siren system Thursday morning on Muskegon River

Just a heads up for those residents living in Mecosta and Newaygo Counties.


Consumers Energy announced the emergency public warning siren systems near its Rogers, Hardy and Croton hydroelectric generating plants on the Muskegon River will be tested on Thursday, August 18, at about 9 a.m.


The test will include a voice message, a 30-second siren and a second voice message. The public does not need to take any action during the test.


The siren systems are tested each August and December.


Recall Alert: Capri Sun 'Wild Cherry' drink recalled due to cleaning solution contamination

Some kids drinks are being recalled because they could contain a cleaning product.


Kraft Heinz is recalling thousands of cases of Capri Sun over concerns about trace amounts of cleaning chemicals in its juice.


The voluntary recall affects more than 5,700 cases of Capri Sun Wild Cherry sold across the country. They say diluted cleaning solution was inadvertently introduced into a production line at one of its factories.


The recall affects only the Wild Cherry flavor with a "Best When Used By Date" of June 25, 2023.


Multiple customers complained about the taste of the affected juices, but no illnesses have been reported.


Deer hunters required to report harvest online during 2022 deer season

Deer hunters will have 72 hours to report that they killed a deer to the Michigan Department of Natural Resources this season.


Last year, nearly 7,000 deer hunters voluntarily reported their deer harvest online to help test the Michigan Department of Natural Resources new reporting system. Starting with the fall 2022 deer seasons, online harvest reporting is required for all hunters who successfully take a deer.


Hunters can report their harvest through the DNR website or the DNR's new mobile app.


Hunters who can’t report their harvest due to a lack of internet access or smart device may get help from a family member or friend with access, by providing them with their kill tag license number, date of birth and harvest location to report on the hunter’s behalf.


Reporting by phone to the DNR is not possible because of the need for accurate harvest location data, which is provided by selecting the location on a digital map.

Answers to frequently asked questions are available on the DNR website for this and other questions related to deer harvest reporting.





Big Rapids Police Weekend Blotter


40-2201658 @ 6:34am 300 block N Warren Tamper w/Property.  Someone took the call rings and tied them to the fishing platforms


40-2201659 @ 10:55am 1000 block N Fourth Assist to Sparta PD with locating juveniles.  A child custody issue


40-2201660 @ 11:37am 400 block S Third Suspicious.  Director found pictures of a former employee’s boyfriend with a cut on his head. 


40-2201661 @ 12:18pm 400 block S Third Suicidal female transported to ER


40-2201662 @ 1:29pm 200 block S State St Fraud scammed over Facebook Market Place


40-2201663 @ 2:08pm 200 block Hutchinson Check Wellbeing Male left doctor’s office after telling staff he was depressed and had suicidal thoughts.


40-2201664 @ 3:05pm 800 block Marion Suicidal male.  Complainant received a suicide message from her boyfriend.  She could see on camera he was going to hang himself.  He was inside the house.  Male had a cord tied to garage rafter. He was transported to ER for mental health evaluation


40-2201665 @ 4:25pm 100 blk N Michigan Ave 2 car PDA


40-2101558 @ 6:30pm Warrant pickup from Missaukee County reference an original domestic warrant. 


40-2201666 @ 9:51pm 200 block S State Traffic Stop led to the warrant arrest of a male for allowing a suspended person to drive. 


40-2201667 @ 11:40pm 1100 block Catherine St. Suicide Male committed suicide.    




40-2201668 @ 10:21am 1100 block Catherine Threats/Disorderly


40-2201669 @ 10:18am 200 block S State St dispatched as check well being discovered it was a disorderly that had occurred at a different residence.  Four females decided to confront one another after consuming a lot of alcohol.  Turned over to Prosecutors office


40-2201670 @ 11:03am State & Ferris 2 car crash


40-2201671 @ 1:33pm 600 block S State Counterfeit $100 bill with Chinese writing was taken. 


40-2201672 @2:17pm Walk in Assault which occurred at State & Woodward.  Male was assaulted by an unknown female while riding his bike in that area.  Suspect is described as a W/F white shirt, and buzz cut.


40-2201673 @ 5:18pm 1100 block Catherine Trespass Female was reported to be at the residence. 


40-2201675 @ 6:41pm 400 block S. Stewart. Larceny Bicycle was stolen and recovered and returned to owner.  Suspect identified. Petition to be sent over.


40-2201676 @ 8:35pm 300 block N Warren.  Concerned subject stated a 3-year-old was in the playscape without a parent.  The child was located, and parent was 10 feet away on a bench.


40-2201677 @ 10:30pm 1000 block N 4th.  Field Contact led to a male being served a PPO from Lake County.




40-2201678 @ 9:22am 200 block N Third Male and female had a disagreement over the 16-year-old daughter having her boyfriend in the house while they were gone. Male left for the day


40-2201679 @ 3:23pm 600 block Oak St Mental Health/Disorderly Male fled the hospital, he was located and returned.


40-2201680 Number pulled for false report on an earlier reported DV


40-2201681 @ 4:56pm 100 block Pemberton Female believes her ex punctured her tire. Tire appears to be damage from a curb scrape.


40-2201682 @ 5:06pm 800 block Water Tower Male is purchasing a PS5 on Mecari. He feels he is being defrauded after the seller asked for an additional $400. Under investigation


40-2201683 @ 9:28pm 1700 block S. State.  Female tricked the desk clerk into giving her another key to a room she stayed in 3-5 days ago, stating to the clerk she lost it.  Female was located and trespassed at the request of the hotel and transported to shelter.  No charges wished to be pressed.


40-2201684 @ 3:23am 1100 block Fuller. Check Wellbeing Caller stated a 30ish year-old male was lying face down on the floor and not moving.  Contact was made with tenant who stated he was fine and if he’s on the floor, he's sleeping and if he's in his gaming chair he's playing video games.  Declined any medical help.


40-2201685 @ 3:01am 500 block Mecosta Ave.  911 hang-up led to contact with 13-year-old female who stated her 15-year-old brother was intoxicated and throwing up.  Contact was made with the male.  He was in-fact intoxicated and wouldn't provide any further info.  Contact was made with mother who was working in GR who sent Grandmother over to watch him the rest of the night. 



40-2201686 @ 5:57am 200 block Robin Ct. Assist FSU. Officers responded to assist with a mental patient.


40-2201687 @ 7:21am 200 block Baldwin St. False Alarm. Set off by employees.


40-2201688 @ 11:28am 225 S Stewart Ave. Civil. Civil dispute between two females. Both are not from our area. One was given a ride to the McDonalds to wait for another ride to GR.


40-2201689 @ 2:46pm 600 block Oak St. Mental Runaway. Officers responded to a mental patient who had run away. He was found at the fitness area off of River St. He was brought back into the ER.


40-2201690 @ 7:39am Warrant Attempt.  OCSO picked up male on his multiple court warrants for us. He was lodged after an exchange.


40-2201691 @ 4:52pm 600 block Oak St. Officers responded to TWO mental patient runaways at the same time. One male ran out the door and while staff and security were preoccupied, another male thought it would be a good idea to try to run away as well. One was found after a brief chase down the riverwalk and brought back to the ER. Right after this the other one was found near Locust St and Winter and brought back to the ER.


40-2201692 @ 6:04pm BRPD. Assault. Officers responded to speak with a male who wanted to make a report of a simple assault during a custody exchange. He reported being grabbed by his ex-girlfriend for her to give him a bag.


40-2201693 @ 10:45pm 400 Elm St. Warrant pickup from Osceola for FTA warrant.


40-2201694 @ 1:52am 300 block S. Michigan Ave Suspicious. Caller has had someone messing with his storm door for the past 3 nights. First night they drew black X on door. Second night they left a Reba book leaned against the door. Nothing left tonight. Area was checked and no suspicious subjects located.


40-2201695 @ 2:39am 400 Elm St. Warrant Arrest. Met Osceola Co. at Dispatch. Female arrested for FTA warrant. Lodged without incident.

Projects approved to proceed at city Parks and Recreation Board meeting


On Thursday, the public was invited to attend a special meeting hosted by the Charles E. Fairman
Community Pool and the Big Rapids Parks and Recreation Board.

The event included an ice cream social prior to the event as well as an open swim time.

“The ice cream social went well,” Board Secretary Trina Poulos said. “We had approximately 50 guests
show up along with the Mayor Fred Guenter, commissioners Jennifer Conchran, Jon Eppley and Amanda Johnson.”

Within the meeting, a motion was passed that would remove spray pain as an option for wording on the Special Event form. This would prohibit the paint from being placed on city pavement altogether.

According to Public Works Director Heather Bowman, the kayak launch slated to be placed at Hemlock Park will be arriving in a few weeks. New planted trees and lights have been approved to be placed downtown, while the light posts for the Library Park are still in delay with shipping.

Bowman additionally announced the city is working closely with the owners of the old train Depot and will be leasing the area around the building for a period of 25 years. This will be including paving of the entrance and parking lot as well as installing public restrooms and a fire pit. The city will be applying for a Spark Grant to help fund these improvements.

Northend Park’s Disc Golf Course will also be upgrading and replacing both courses’ tee signs and

It was also announced that grant writer, Suzanne Wiggins, will be leaving the board to accept a position with the City of Midland.

The next meeting for the Parks and Recreation Board will be Sep. 8 at 6 p.m. For more news, subscribe to the Big Rapids Daily News.

Sheriff's Corner: New undersheriff hire strengthens department and experience benefits serving citizens in Mecosta County

Nothing in life is easy. Since beginning my term as Sheriff of Mecosta County there
have been several different factors and bumps in the road during the first year and a
half of my time in office. There have been obstacles and hardships we have had to
overcome to achieve success and be the exemplary law enforcement agency I know
and intend us to be in the future. I understand you can’t be successful without having
some of these. 

There are a lot of things our administration and the staff of the Mecosta County Sheriff’s
Office have completed through hard work and perseverance to solidify an already
strong foundation to make us successful in protecting and serving the citizens of our
county. We understood that the strong, unified agency we were working towards wasn’t
going to happen overnight. The prolonged success we were looking to was going to be
a product of consistency and patiently working towards being an exemplary department
that others looked to mirror.

Our administration has put a lot of time in and away from the office to improve our
agency, and to be one our staff can be proud of. Understanding what it takes to be an
excellent law enforcement agency and understanding the importance of the position to a
sheriff’s office, Gary Green was recently appointed to be Undersheriff of the Mecosta
County Sheriff’s Office. Having Gary in this position will allow us the opportunity to
continue to move forward in our goal to provide quality service that promotes public
safety in partnership with our community.

Gary comes to us after serving as the Assistant Director of the Ferris State University
Department of Public Safety for the past 5 years. Prior to that he served with the
Michigan State Police for 28 years. During his time with the MSP Gary held numerous
roles, including being part of their cold-case unit, a Post Detective Sergeant, and
ultimately an Assistant Post Commander.

I chose Gary due to his morally and ethically way of living his life. Working with him
through investigations in the past and speaking to those who have worked with and for
him, he is also looked at as being loyal to his people, while still holding them
accountable to the responsibilities and duties they have in their positions and to our
office. He has an extensive administrative background that will benefit our staff. Gary
and I will work with and complement one another, and along with Captain Kevin Wood
and Lieutenant Mark Danielson, continue to lead the Mecosta County Sheriff’s Office.
Our organization continues to grow, with every detail of what we are doing, getting the
attention it deserves, showing the importance of the pride our employees have in
providing a service to the citizens of Mecosta County.

Consumers Energy to conduct siren tests near Rogers, Hardy and Croton Dams August 18

Consumers Energy announced the emergency public warning siren systems near its Rogers, Hardy and Croton hydroelectric generating plants on the Muskegon River will be tested on Thursday, August 18, at about 9 a.m.

  • The test will include a voice message, a 30-second siren and a second voice message. The public does not need to take any action during the test. The siren systems are tested each August and December.
  • The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission requires hydroelectric facilities to be able to quickly notify residents and visitors of any developing emergency at the plants.
  • In an emergency, the sirens would be used only if the threat of a dam failure is imminent at one of the facilities. At that time, anyone on or near the river should evacuate at once to high ground. Additional information would be provided on local radio and television stations.

Big Rapids Police Blotter 8/9-8/10


0-2201634 @ 8:06am Walk-in Threats Complainant reporting a female had been sending harassing messages.  Was found to have stemmed from mutual employment.  Report taken for documentation and was advised if there is any further contact to report that to MCSO.


40-2201635 @ 8:42am 1100 block Catherine Possible Domestic between a female and new boyfriend.  Neither would talk and no evidence. Male was found to have a parole absconder warrant. Lodged on the warrant. 


40-2201636 @ 11:50am Walk in civil Complainant stated he can’t get ahold of his accountant regarding his taxes.  Attempts were made to contact the accountant on his behalf.


40-2201637 @ 1:03pm 500 block Warren Ave Larceny While reviewing video for other cases, officers observed a juvenile steal another child’s bike live on screen.  The bike was recovered and returned to the victim less than a half hour later. 


40-2201638 @ 1:33pm 400 block S. State St Breaking and Entering– Male reported a B&E at his apartment via the second story window over the weekend.  $1200 speaker allegedly stolen.  Under investigation.


40-2201639 @ 2:12pm 700 block Osceola Stalking- Complainant reporting she is being harassed. 


40-2201640 @ 3:45pm – Found property turned into BRDPS. Returned to owner.


40-2201641 @ 2:30pm – Prisoner pickup Ingham County


40-2201642 @ 2:30pm – Prisoner pickup Kent County


40-2201643 @ 3:58pm 1000 block N Fourth Assist CPS – Standby during forensic interviews of 4 juveniles for physical abuse investigation from outside city jurisdiction.


40-2201645 @ 8:34pm 500 block S. Warren CSC Occurred in July Complainant advised that she may have been sexually assaulted on that date. Both parties interviewed, will be forwarded for review.


40-2201646 @ 12:13am 1000 block S State St Hit and Run PPDA.


40-2201647 @ 1:45am Runaway juvenile from complaint MCSO took earlier in the night was located at Warren/Hemlock. Child was taken into custody and turned over to her mother.



40-2201648 @ 6:40am 700 block Perry St, Unknown alarm.  Building secure and key holder did not respond.


40-2201649 @ 8:24am 600 block N State St Trespass/Disorderly Caller found a male sitting next to their dumpster around 0715 and asked him to move along.  An hour later asked him again.  Male came into the store yelling and swearing at employees and customers and left.  Located him walking down Osceola St.  He refused to identify himself and was eventually lodged. 


40-2201650 @ 9:30am 700 block Osceola Female was transported to the hospital and left her 2-year-old at the residence. Contact made with emergency contact to come get the child.


40-2201651 @ 2:02pm Locust/Ives  Two vehicle PDA


40-2201652 @ 2:53pm 1200 block Perry Ave Traffic Stop resulted in the driver receiving a citation for no insurance.  BR Tow took vehicle


40-2201653 @ 3:16pm Walk in civil Internet discussion about politics resulted in the complainant becoming concerned the other party was an extremist


40-2201654 @ 5:25pm 400 block S Third Warrant arrest


40-2201655 @ 6:08pm 200 block N Fourth Ave Suspicious Situation.  Complainant reported a teenage white male with ear length brown hair, yellow shirt, on a red or orange bike looking in window.


40-2201656 @ 9:46pm 100 block Woodward Hit and Run.  Unknown Truck was turning onto Clark when a 2014 AUDI rear ended him.  Truck didn't stop.


40-2201657 @ 12:48am 400 block S State St Unlawful Entry/ MDOP.  Male was arrested and lodged after he tried to break into his neighbor’s house and also caused damage to the screen he ripped out.




BR City Commissioners receive update on Hemlock Street/ Emergency declaration

The Big Rapids City Commission got an update this week on possible funding the city could receive from damages occurred from flooding and heavy thunderstorms back on May 11.

Big Rapids DPS Deputy Director Steve Schroeder told commissioners since the city/county declared a 'State of Emergency' and Governor Whitmer granted the emergency declaration, the City of Big Rapids will be eligible for up to $250,000 in disaster funding through Section 19 Emergency Management Act.


The funding amount is based on population size and percentage from the city budget.

Public Works Director Heather Bowman said they have $45,545 worth of items/repairs that are covered through their insurance. She told the commission, there are over $130,000 worth of items/repairs that have been submitted to the state for consideration.

However, Bowman says the city has not submitted the overtime accrued by DPW during the event, so should Big Rapids come below estimated costs, they could still get full reimbursement.

She says it's a work in progress at this point.

Mayor Fred Guenther expressed his concern about the lack of adequate fencing around the sink hole at Hemlock Street with school about to start up in a few weeks.

If this process is going to take 60-90 more days then we need to have adequate fencing around that area.” “We don't need to have a child fall into the sink hole and get injured, then we have a bigger issue,” Guenther said.

Bowman told Guenther they will address the fencing issue with the sink hole.

Commissioner Karen Simmon echoed the mayor saying she's concerned with people turning down Hemlock Street and using the alleyway trying to acclimate to school and new routes.

Bowman told commissioners, the city will be in communication with Big Rapids Middle School leading up to the first day of classes.


BBB warns job seekers of suspicious job offers from a company claiming to be in Cadillac

Better Business Bureau in Western Michigan (BBB®) is warning job seekers of a business using a Michigan address to appear legitimate. Turbo Quad Post claims it offers services including package forwarding. Its website lists an address in Cadillac, but according to Haring Township records, no such location exists. 


Employment scams are one of the top 3 scams targeting consumers, according to the 2021 BBB Scam Tracker Risk Report. It has been one of the riskiest for consumers for the past 5 years. 


"Be wary when a company reaches out to you with a job offer without an interview, as it is likely a scam,” says Lisa Frohnapfel, President and CEO of the Better Business Bureau in Western Michigan. “Do more research about the company before accepting the offer. If the job requires little work for a lot of pay, walk away.”


Recent complaints to the BBB Scam Tracker tell a similar story. Victims claim scammers are reaching out to job seekers looking for remote work on popular employment websites. Potential employees are contacted by text message, asked to watch a short video, then asked to send personal sensitive information for a background check. Victims are told they passed almost immediately and are hired on the spot. The job description consisted of receiving packages at home, checking the items for damage, then reshipping them. Victims are offered thousands of dollars in salary, plus extra compensation for each package processed. But, once it is time to get paid, employees say communication is cut off, and they never receive the pay they are expecting. 


BBB has received numerous complaints about this job scam since June. So far, each victim has lost personal identifiable information to the company, and did work for free, but did not lose any of their own money. 


"In addition to losing your private information, people caught up in these reshipping jobs are often helping the scammers victimize others,” says Frohnapfel. “The items received in these reshipping scams are usually purchased with stolen credit cards. These “employees” become a middle-man to help get the stolen products to the scammers.”

Consumers Energy gathering opinions to guide planning their dams' futures

Consumers Energy is starting this month to gather opinions from the public about the 13 dams they own and operate on five Michigan rivers to help guide their decisions about the future of those electric generating facilities.


“We need to perform due diligence now as the licenses to operate our dams begin to expire in 12 years. We do not want to assume we know how individuals and communities feel about our dams as we develop plans to either continue investing in or remove any of our river hydro facilities,” said Norm Kapala, vice president of generation operations at Consumers Energy. “We are keenly aware dams have great significance for local communities and impact recreation for Michigan residents and visitors statewide. Public input will be an important component in our long-term strategic planning regarding the future of our dams.”


The energy provider hired Public Sector Consultants (PSC), a Lansing-based nonpartisan research and consulting firm that specializes in public engagement, to develop an adjacent property owner survey and conduct public meetings near each of Consumers Energy’s dams from August through October this year with the goal of collecting unbiased feedback regarding the facilities. Anyone is welcome to attend any of the public community meetings. Owners of property adjacent to the dams should expect to receive the survey in the mail the week of August 15.


For community meeting details, to provide comments, and more information about the process access:


Consumers Energy makes decisions based on the Triple Bottom Line that ensures benefits for people, the planet and Michigan’s prosperity. Factors Consumers Energy considers in determining the future for its dams include regulatory compliance, safety, community impacts, operating costs and environmental impacts. These topics will be covered at the public meetings by PSC and Consumers Energy dam experts.  Community feedback will be solicited, as well, during a facilitated discussion.


The 30- to 40-year federal licenses to operate the dams Consumers Energy owns and operates on the Muskegon, Manistee, Grand, Kalamazoo and Au Sable rivers are set to expire beginning in 2034 through 2041.




(All meetings begin with an open house at 5:30 p.m. and the public meeting will begin at 6:00.)


Hardy Dam

Wednesday, August 24

Newaygo High School Cafeteria

360 S. Mill Street, Newaygo, MI


Calkins Bridge Dam

Wednesday, August 31

Allegan High School

1560 M-40, Allegan, MI 49010


Croton Dam

Thursday, September 8

Newaygo High School Cafeteria

360 S. Mill Street, Newaygo, MI


Webber Dam

Thursday, September 15

Lyons Township Hall

105 Prairie Street, Lyons, MI 48851


Rogers Dam

Tuesday, September 20

Mecosta Township Hall

19729 11 Mile Road, Big Rapids, MI 49307


Mio Dam

Monday, September 26

Mio AuSable High School Auditorium

1110 W. 8th Street, Mio, MI 48647


Foote Dam

Tuesday, September 27

Oscoda High School Auditorium

3550 E. River Road, Oscoda, MI 48750

Big Rapids Police Weekend Blotter


40-2201605 @ 11:47am Found bicycle at MCSO. 

40-2201606 @ 8:05pm Perry/Water Tower Assault in a MV.  Subjects stopped at a store where dispatch believed it occurred.  After determining venue, the suspect was accused of slapping a female in the vehicle after bad mouthing the suspect’s new friend she met in Grand Rapids. The suspect was gone upon officer’s arrival.  Contact was later made with her over the phone who stated that the victim was in her face and wouldn't get back.  Forwarded for review.

40-2201607 @ 9:45pm 800 block N 4th.  Civil Male wanted a male kicked out of his apartment.  He stated he allowed the male to live there.  He was advised to seek eviction.

40-2201608 @ 10:18pm 300 block N Warren.  MDOP While locking up, Graffiti was found in the men’s bathroom. 

40-2201609 @ 12:48am 1100 block Catherine. Check Wellbeing.  Female given a ride to the ER for mental health evaluation.

40-2201610 @ 3:52am 800 block Maple St.  Unknown Alarm.

40-2201611 @ 5:55am 300 block Maple St.  Suspicious Situation.  Homeowner had an audible alarm within the residence and requested LE to check it out.  Nothing suspicious observed and the house was secure.  Homeowner did not want officers to go inside.



40-2201612 @ 1:01pm 200 block Woodward Ave. Lost Property. Caller reported to have lost his wallet somewhere in the city limits. Unknown where.

40-2201613 @ 2:19pm 1100 block Catherine St. Assault/Civil. Officers responded to an assault complaint between a male and a female. The male claimed that the female hit him in the face. The witness of the event stated that he did not see any assault but could not say if an assault happened or not. The complaint is to be sent for review. We responded back for a civil complaint involving all three subjects. The caller was trying to kick everyone out of the residence and was advised that he needed to go through the court process.

40-2201614 – Pulled in error.

40-2201615 @ 8:50pm 1300 block Catherine, Civil, verbal argument





40-2201617 @ 11:08am 1100 block Catherine St. Animal Complaint. Officers responded to a dog at large complaint and cited the resident for his dog running loose and chasing a child.

40-2201618 @ 12:15pm 1100 block Platt Ave. Suspicious. Complainant reported his vehicle stolen. It was taken back by grandma because he had not put insurance on the vehicle, and she did not want to be cited.

40-2201619 @ 1:13pm 600 block Oak. Disorderly. Officers responded to ER for a disorderly patient.

40-2201622 @ 6:39pm 900 block Colburn Mental health. Male sent photos of several pills to his mother, stating that he was going to kill himself. He was transported to ER for voluntary evaluation.

40-2201623 @ 9:09pm Officers were dispatched to Hemlock Park for a disorderly male, who was intoxicated and had urinated in public. Contact was made with the male who was highly intoxicated, and in violation of his parole conditions. He was arrested for parole violation; case will be forwarded to City Attorney for review on additional charges.

40-2201624 @ 9:54pm 400 block S Third St Disorderly Resident had become upset with staff after not being allowed to sit next to a male friend during a movie. She left for the evening with said friend.



40-2201625 @ 11:28am 1100 block Fuller Ave. Check wellbeing. Officers responded to check on the well-being of children. They were located with the mother and appeared not in distress.

40-2201626 @ 11:34am 400 block Second Ave. Civil. Officers responded to the ongoing civil issues between two residents. One reported being yelled at by the other.

40-2201627 @ 12:08pm Clark St/Perry Ave. PDA

40-2201628 @ 1:08pm 400 block S Third Ave. Assault. Caller reported being assaulted by another resident during a verbal disagreement. To be submitted for review.

40-2201629 @ 1:29pm 500 block N Warren Ave. Assist Citizen. Officers assisted in finding a juvenile’s parents and coordinating a ride home from the lunch program.

40-2201630 @ 2:00pm 400 block S Third Ave. Warrant Arrest. While on another call, male was found to have two FTA warrants from Kent Co. and Newaygo Co.

40-2201631 @ 2:00pm 400 block S Third Ave. CSC. Victim reported being touched inappropriately by male. Under investigation

40-2201632 @ 4:54pm BRPD. Found property. Wallet and money returned to owner.

40-2201633 @ 7:56pm Missing juvenile 1100 block Catherine. Mother reported her 4-year-old son missing approximately 45 minutes after he was last seen. After searching area, he was located under a pile of clothes in a closet.  See press release.


Big Rapids to resurface select parking areas in downtown area

Select parking areas in Downtown Big Rapids will be getting repairs and work done in the near future.

Last night the City Commission approved the low bid from Rieth-Riley Construction for mill and fill, along with resurfacing for the 100th block of South Michigan Avenue, 100th block of North Michigan Avenue and the alleyway of the 100th block of North Warren Avenue.

Public Works Director Heather Bowman says the project will cost just under $199,000.

When asked about how road/ street projects are picked each year by Mayor Fred Guenther, Bowman said that City Manager Mark Gifford, Street Superintendent Jake Walston and herself collaborate together and go by the Pavement Surface Evaluation & Rating (PASER) which dictates which projects are in most need.

Bowman told the commission she hopes to have the project completed before the end of the month.

Missing child found in Big Rapids

A missing three year old child was found safe in Big Rapids last night.


The Big Rapids Department of Public Safety say they were alerted to the 1100th block of Catherine Street for a report of a missing child just before 8pm last night.


They say the boy was last seen around 7:00 PM, playing outside with other area children. A search of the area was conducted by both local police agencies and area residents. The boy was located at his residence at approximately 10:53 PM by police officers.


The child is in good health, according to police.

Michigan Works! West Central, FiveCAP partner to offer free bus- driver training, employment

Michigan Works! West Central is partnering with FiveCAP, Inc. to create a unique training
opportunity for those looking for part- or full-time work.

Michigan Works! West Central is recruiting eligible candidates for a bus-driver training cohort to be
ready to work during the coming school year. All qualified candidates will be referred to FiveCAP, Inc. for interview and hire. Those being considered for hire, must pass background checks, undergo
fingerprinting, have a valid driver’s license and proof of COVID-19 vaccination.

Once a candidate is hired, Michigan Works! West Central will enroll the individual in the bus-driver
training program, which will be a mix of online and in-person training. The training can be completed in up to four weeks. Upon completion of training, candidates will be able to obtain their CDL-B through the Michigan Secretary of State.

“This partnership is an excellent example of how our two agencies can come together to help meet the needs of the community and FiveCAP’s programming,” said Shelly Keene, Michigan Works! West Central executive director. “Online training will be conducted at our Baldwin service center, combined with an in-person driver’s training module. There are 12 slots open for this unique on-the-job training opportunity.”

Those who are enrolled in the program will be hired as part-time bus-drivers in FiveCAP’s four-county region of Lake, Manistee, Mason and Newaygo counties. Those looking for full-time work, can enroll in the bus-driver training, as well as receive Head Start Center Support Staff training to provide early- childhood development when not driving their bus.

“FiveCAP has been looking for ways to better provide this much-needed transportation service for
students in our area,” said Mary Trucks, FiveCAP, Inc. executive director. “This partnership with
Michigan Works! is a great way for us to provide reliable transportation for students in need and
provide good-paying jobs in our community, all while meeting our hiring needs.”

“We are looking for dedicated individuals, who genuinely care about the success of our local youth, to provide this much-needed transportation service. This program is an excellent way to take your first step toward a career in early-childhood development.”

For more information about the bus-driver training program and to enroll, contact Michigan Works!
West Central’s Baldwin service center at (231) 745-2703 or visit

City sponsored ice cream social and public meeting arranged for Thursday

The City of Big Rapids Park and Recreation Board is hosting an ice cream social on Thursday, Aug. 11, at 6 p.m. The event will take place at the Charles E. Fairman Community Pool and admission is free.


The event will begin with a meet-and-greet session that includes ice cream available for visitors.
Interested swimmers will also have access to the pool for an open swim.


Following, the board will hold a meeting open to the public to hear ideas on how to improve the city’s recreation.

“The City Commission, Park and Recreation Board and staff are excited to be offering this opportunity to the community, to further enhance their experience at the Charles E. Fairman Pool,” Department of Public Works Director Heather Bowman said. “Embracing the city residents and surrounding community members, love for the community pool and enhancing everyone’s quality of life with recreational opportunities is critical."

Paris man involved in motorcycle/vehicle accident

A Paris man is recovering following a motorcycle crash involving another vehicle.


It happened Thursday night on Northland Dr near 20 Mile Rd.


Deputies say an Investigation found that a 51- year old Paris man was heading southbound on Northland Dr on his motorcycle when a 43- year old man from Paris was turning off of 20 Mile onto Northland and caused an accident.


The driver of the motorcycle was not wearing a helmet and was transported to Butterworth hospital in Grand Rapids for non-life threatening injuries. 

Gov. Whitmer appoints Amy Clapp as new 49th Circuit Court judge of Mecosta & Osceola Counties

Governor Gretchen Whitmer announced the appointment of Mecosta County Prosecutor Amy Clapp as the new 49th Circuit Court Judge of Mecosta and Osceola Counties.


Clapp takes over for Scott Hill-Kennedy who retired. According to a press release, the appointment was made to fill a partial term, which will begin on August 22nd and expire at twelve o’clock noon on January 1, 2025.


It is unclear who will be taking over as lead prosecutor for Mecosta County.


We will have updates as they become available.

beware of online scams during back to school shopping

School will soon be in session, and the rush to buy supplies has already begun. According to the National Retail Federation, higher prices and an increase in product shortages will have consumers looking at more cost-effective, unfamiliar brands to fill their back to school lists. The Better Business Bureau Serving Western Michigan (BBB®), warns shoppers to be careful of online deals that may be too good to be true.


According to the 2021 BBB Scam Tracker Risk Report, Online Purchase Scams were the riskiest for consumers, and continue to cost shoppers in 2022.


"Scammers are finding opportunities by enticing shoppers with discounted products,” Says Lisa Frohnapfel, President and CEO of the Better Business Bureau Serving Western Michigan. “Each year scammers take advantage of shoppers who don’t do their research, and instead look only for the lowest price.”


BBB Tips for back to school shopping: 

  • Beware of too good to be true deals. Scammers may offer free or very low prices on hard to find items. With many products being hard to find this back to school season, scammers will be looking to take advantage of consumers desperate for certain supplies. 
  • Do your homework. Learn more about the seller by looking them up on Do not rely on reviews from the company’s website. 
  • Think before you click. Be especially cautious about email solicitations and online ads on social media sites. Many sketchy retailers advertise great deals or trendy clothing that don’t measure up to the promotional hype.
  • Finish your shopping early. With supply shortages and high prices, there will be a large number of shoppers all looking for the same products. Start early and finish early so you are not in a hurry, allowing you to avoid higher prices or being enticed by a bad deal.
  • Research big ticket items. Before purchasing any major item, research the brand and check the product's warranties. Only shop with businesses you know and trust to ensure you’re getting a quality product and good customer service. 
  • Check the site's security. If the site is secure, its URL should start with “https://” and include a lock icon on the purchase page. Only enter payment information on secure sites.
  • Pay with a credit card. Credit card companies give you an extra layer of protection, offering you the opportunity to dispute any charges if the transaction goes bad. 
  • Read the fine print. Look for the return policy; although many online orders can be returned for a full refund, others have restocking fees. Some items cannot be returned; know before you buy.

Report scams. Report any suspicious websites or advertisements to

Judges order further freezes abortion ban

Governor Gretchen Whitmer has filed a renewed request with the Michigan Supreme Court to constitutionally protect the right to abortion in Michigan.


This after a ruling from the Michigan Court of Appeals caused confusion by clearing a path for county prosecutors to prosecute doctors and nurses for providing reproductive care.


That same day, Governor Whitmer secured a temporary restraining order against prosecutors with abortion clinics in their counties, ensuring those health care providers could keep doing their jobs.


The governors latest filing with the Michigan Supreme Court highlights this recent legal confusion and the pressing need it shows for the states highest court to step in.

Building projects proceeding in Reed City

There are two new stores coming to the long-tenured town, in which both will impact travelling greatly.

The first will be a gas station and convenience store located on the south corner of Stimson Ave. and N Chestnut St, across from Happy Tails pet grooming. Under the same ownership as Ashton General Store, the store will also provide meat services.


The project is current on hold for an answer on the request for fuel service.

The Reed City City Council has provided full support for all requests from the owners of this new store and at our latest July council meeting,” Mayor Roger Meinert said. “We endorsed their request for a liquor license application to the State of Michigan.”

Right across the street, at 419 N. Chestnut St., will be a Biggby Coffee shop. The franchise will take over the location of the old Northend Grocery and be owned by Sonya Bielecki and Kelly Prielipp.

(Future home of Bigby Coffee in Reed City) 


According to a corresponding social media post, the old store’s “shell” had been demolished after being cleared of asbestos.

Dixon to take on Whitmer in November; Vetter, Jane and Routley win elections

It will be Dixon versus Whitmer in the governor's race in November. Republican Tudor Dixon, who was recently endorsed by former President Donald Trump has won her primary race over her opponents in the GOP primary.

In a statement -- the campaign for Governor Gretchen Whitmer says Dixon would "Drag Michigan backwards."


It is interesting to note in the primary election here in Mecosta County, a traditional conservative area, there were 39 more votes for Governor Gretchen Whitmer than Republican challenger Tudor Dixon who won her GOP primary, 2,083 to 2,044. 


According to the Mecosta County Clerk's Office, just over 40% of registered votters came out Tuesday. 

In local election news, Randy Vetter beat out incumbent Mecosta County Commissioner Marilynn Bradstrom, to take the first district seat.


Chris Jane will be the new District six Mecosta County Commissioner. He beat Theresa Ventocilla. 

Current commission chair Bill Routley beat Brad Meyers to retain the seventh district commission seat.


Both the Mecosta County Commission on Aging and Emergency Medical Services millage renewals overwhelming passed.

Gary Green appointed Undersheriff of Mecosta County


Gary Green was appointed Undersheriff of Mecosta County Tuesday, according to an announcement from Sheriff Brian Miller. 


In a press release Miller said,  "Gary had served as the Assistant Director of the Ferris State University Department of Public Safety.  Prior to that he had served with the Michigan State Police for 28 years.  During him time with the MSP, he came up through the ranks, working in the area as a Trooper, Sergeant, Detective Sergeant and Assistant Post Commander, among having other roles and leadership responsibilities in and outside of law enforcement."


Miller adds, "Gary's wealth of knowledge, experience and long administrative background with both the Michigan State Police and the Ferris State University Department of Public Safety, will be important to our organization in continuing in our focus to be an exemplary law enforcement agency."

Ionia woman charged with death of two Wish-A-Mile cyclists


42-year-old Mandy Marie Benn of Ionia has been arraigned after hitting five bicyclists participating in the Make-A-Wish Bicycle Tour over the weekend, leading to two deaths.


Police say Benn was driving while intoxicated when she moved to pass a UPS truck, putting her in the path of the bicyclist group who she didn't see .


The deceased have been identified as Edward Erickson, 48, of Ann Arbor and Michael Salhaney, 57, of Bloomfield Hills.


Two of the other three have been released from the hospital and the third is in stable condition.


Benn is being held on $1-million dollars bond.

65-year old man injured in motorcycle crash in Grant Twp.

A 65-year old man was injured Friday following a motorcycle crash in Mecosta County's Grant Township. 


The Sheriff's Office says the man was traveling west bound on Stones Corner Road and lost control of his motorcycle coming around a curve. The rider had minor non life threatening injuries.


The man was transported to Spectrum Health Big Rapids Hospital. The motorcycle was trailered by a family member.


Sheriff Miller would like to remind motorcycle riders to always wear proper safety equipment.

Big Rapids Police Weekend Blotter


40-2201546 @ 9:57am 300 block Morrison Mental- Female took several anxiety meds after feeling sad. She was transported to SHBRH by EMS

40-2201547 @ 10:06am 500 block N Warren Ave Animal Call- a brown and white dog approached a man fishing. The owner never showed up and it was taken to ARC.

40-2201548 @ 1:03pm 600 block S Michigan Ave Check Wellbeing- Male at the library, He was fine.

40-2201549 @ 2:37pm 1100 block Catherine Check Wellbeing- Male was yelling at his son after he misplaced his bike. A neighbor was concerned as she heard him tell his son he was going to hit him in the face. Male was calm and his son found his bike 

40-2201550 @ 3:01pm 900 block Rose Suspicious Situation- 10-year-old male is chatting on discord being sexually explicit. Unknown how old the other person was.

40-2201551 @ 4:05pm 800 block N Fourth Disorderly- Two females got into an argument. One was moving out. Both claimed they were assaulted by the other. Sent to City Attorney for review

40-2201552 @ 4:50pm 500 block S Michigan Breaking and Entering- The tenants left items in the garage since last August. They opened the garage today to find the boxes had been gone through and items taken and destroyed.  Unknown when it exactly happened.  Under investigation.

40-2201553 @ 5:52pm 500 block N Warren Found property- smart phone found behind Middle School by the river

40-2201554 @ 9:55pm 100 block E Pine  MDOP-  While completing lockups, Officer found someone broken the latch on the bathroom stall.  Cameras reviewed but nothing shows the entry point of the bathroom.  DPW notified.

40-2201555 @ 11:32pm 100 block S. State Suspicious Situation-  Cleaning crew stated a black male was looking at their cleaning rig.  No crime committed.  Checked area, unable to locate anybody. 



40-2201556 @ 8:56am 1100 block Catherine Littering- The owner advised the current renter allowed two other individuals to move into the trailer. The renter was then kicked out by them. The unknown male and female living at the trailer are dumping trash in a neighboring lot and behind the trailer. The individuals are supposedly moving out Sunday. Attempt was made at the trailer with no response. 

40-2201557 @ 11:37am 600 block Maple St PPO violation- Male was getting camping gear from a vehicle his estranged girlfriend has. Forwarded for review

40-2201558 @ 11:36am 800 block Water Tower Mental- Male is paranoid the apartment complex is putting things in the air and water in his apartment.

40-2201559 @ 12:03pm 1800 block Milton Suspicious- Female reported finding a note on her door saying, “I found you.” She believed the note was from an ex that had stalked her previously. Turns out the note was from neighbor kids doing a TikTok prank.

40-2201560 @ 1:26pm 300 block W Bridge. Civil- A window was found broken from what appeared to be a rock. Upon reviewing camera footage it was found the neighbor was mowing his lawn and kicked a rock up damaging the window

40-2201561 @ 2:07pm Found wallet returned to owner

40-2201562 @ 2:56pm PDC State/Perry at fault driver cited

40-22011563 @ 4:18pm 1200 block Perry Ave Littering-. People are dumping trash in the dumpsters. Under Investigation.

40-2201564 @ 5:25pm 300 block S Michigan Ave Lost Item- The air pods initially showed at a residence on Michigan, then they bounced around the area of the 300 block. The area was checked, and houses spoken to.

40-2201565 @ 6:30pm Warrant Pickup Kent County.

40-2201566 @ 10:52pm 600 block Birch.  Mental.  Male wasn’t feeling well and needed to talk to someone at the ER.  We walked from his house to the ER at his request.

40-2201567 @ 2:31am 1000 block Maple St.  Officer Assist-  Male was intoxicated and giving staff an uneasy feeling.  Officers stood by as he loaded up in a taxi and left.



40-2201568 @ 9:18am PDC S State/Oak at fault driver cited

40-2201569 @ 10:00am Found wallet. Message left

40-2201570 @ 3:17pm 400 block Second Ave barking dog. This is an ongoing neighbor dispute. The dog owners have agreed to keep the dog inside while they are not home as it barks nonstop.

40-2201571 @ 7:30pm 100 block W. Madison.  Caller had all her items thrown out in a dumpster by previous roommate. 

40-2201572 @ 10:52pm 600 block Chestnut.  Noise warning issued

40-2201573 @ 12:35am 200 block Baldwin.  Partygoers from the noise complaint were causing issues.  One was escorted out after paying his tab.



40-2201579 @ 10:36pm Prisoner pickup Kent County.


A look at local athletes heading to the collegiate level

Over 45 student athletes in the area have announced their decision to pursue a collegiate career this upcoming fall. This includes athletes from 10 different sports heading to schools anywhere from 10 minutes to six hours away from home.

The school represented most in the local sector is Big Rapids, who have nine representatives making the jump this fall. This includes cross country and track standout Kate Langworthy, who will be joining her sister, Meghan, at Northern Michigan University in Marquette.

“I wanted to find a team that was a built-in family right away,” Langworthy said. “Northern stood out to me and felt like home.”

Cadillac added seven to the list, including three teammates heading to play football at Alma College.

Three athletes will be representing Chippewa Hills at the next stage. Sarah Storey will be continuing her running career at Central Michigan University, Madison Wrisley will be playing basketball for Alma, and Brynn McArthur will be playing softball for Grand Rapids Community College.

From Reed City, Paige Lofquist and Racquel DuBreuil are the school’s two representatives making the jump. The pair will continue as teammates on the hardwood at Kirtland Community College in Grayling.

In addition, Morley Stanwood’s Aaron Moore will continue his baseball career in East Grand Rapids at Aquinas College while former Pine River Buck, Haley Wanstead, will head to the hoops program at Alma. White Cloud also will add Carsyn Scarlavai and Abby Derks to the college ranks, for track and field at Ferris State University and volleyball at Muskegon Community College respectively.

When it comes to the change in play at the collegiate level, many will experience a change in speed, strength, and talent all around. When asked on words of advice to the incoming recruits, former Reed City football star Jackson Price said it’s important to stay the course despite the potential tough turn ahead.

“It's tough but if you put your mind to it and dig deep, I think anyone can do it,” Price said. “It's going to open your eyes right away instantly but if you can get over that first little hump, it's smooth sailing from there and you'll never regret sticking it out.”

For more on recruiting and a full list of athletes, listen to the latest episode of “The West Michigan Sports Show,” at, or on major podcast platforms like Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

National Night Out event slated for Tuesday night

Tomorrow, the Big Rapids Department of Public Safety will be hosting their National Night Out event downtown.

The event is slated to take place from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. on the road section between Elm St. and Pine St. along Michigan Ave. Free food will be available on-site including hotdogs, chips, snow cones, and cotton candy. There will also be various kids activities including a dunk tank and several interactive activities with the local fire and police departments.

According to Officer Bill Sell, the event’s purpose is more than building the connection between the city and public safety.

“(We’re) showing criminals that the police and the public work together and that we don't want them around,” Sell said. “We have a good community where the public supports the police and the police supports the public.”

For more event news and information, subscribe to the Big Rapids Daily News.

Reed City Police Weekly Blotter

Officer took a report of a disgruntled previous employee making death threats to an employment agency

Tuesday …7/26
Officer took a Trespassing report and issued an appearance citation to a 32-year-old man.

Officers took a report of a car side swiping a semi. There was significant damage to the vehicle but no injuries were reported.

Officers took a report regarding a check being written without sufficient funds in the account. The matter is under investigation.

Officers were dispatched to a noise complaint at an apartment complex. It was discovered to be two juveniles out after hours. A warning was given.

Wednesday …7/27
Officers located and arrested 37-year-old male on an outstanding warrant for 4 counts of making death threats.

Officers arrested a 25-year-old woman on two outstanding warrants for failing to appear in court

Officers arrested a 40-year-old man on outstanding warrants for Assault with a Dangerous Weapon, and two counts of Felon in Possession of a Firearm. This stems from an incident in late June.

Officers took a report of a parked vehicle being struck and the driver of the other vehicle leaving the scene.

Officers were able to locate the suspect driver and the matter has been forwarded to his probation officer and the prosecutor for review.

Officers were dispatched to a report of a screaming woman and a possible domestic assault. It was
determined to be a verbal argument only. While investigating a 27-year-old man was arrested on an
outstanding warrant for non-payment of child support.

Thursday …7/28
Officers took a report of a retail fraud at a local store. The matter is under investigation.

Officers were dispatched to a burglar alarm. It was discovered to have been tripped by the maintenance man.

Officers investigated a report of animal neglect. The matter was unfounded.

Friday …7/29
Officers were requested to assist the Michigan State Police with transporting a combative individual to the Osceola County Jail.


Officers were dispatched to a report of a man stumbling into traffic and possibly intoxicated. The 42-year-old man was found to be under the influence of alcohol. He as arrested on 3 outstanding warrants and lodged at the Osceola County Jail.

Officers were requested to assist the Osceola County Sheriff with a combative man who had been arrested for violating his felony probation and was highly intoxicated.

Officers were dispatched to a suspicious situation. A man was reported to be sitting on a curb with his luggage. Upon contact it was determined he had come from out of state but his fiancé was unexpectedly out of town. He was able to make arrangements for lodging until she returned home.

Saturday …7/30
Officers were dispatched to a possible breaking and entering. Upon investigation it was determined the home owner was out of town and had requested family get the mail and check on the house.

Minimum wage hike and paid sick leave in Michigan delayed until February

A judge has delayed the implementation of a minimum wage hike and paid sick leave.


The Court of Claims judge issued an order Friday to put off any changes until next February 19th. The decision comes just a couple weeks after the same judge ruled a move by state lawmakers to amend voter-proposed changes to the minimum wage and sick leave was unconstitutional.


An appeal of the ruling is likely.


The Michigan Restaurant and Lodging Association says the judge's move prevents the immediate economic decimation of full-service restaurants, but it leaves a teetering industry unsure of its future and incapable of making informed decisions to regain stability.

Former Ferris Professor and university reach settlement

A Michigan professor has quit his job after previously being suspended for posting a profanity-filled video.


Ferris State professor Barry Mehler has decided to retire rather than face possible termination after he posted a 14-minute video in January that included profanities and sexual references as he ranted about his attendance policy, grades, plagiarism, and COVID-19.


The video has received over half-a-million views on YouTube. Mehler agreed to retire as part of a legal settlement with the university.


He also accepted $95,000 and agreed to a three-year gag order.

Two cyclists dead and three others injured following drunk driving crash during Wish-A- Mile bike tour

A suspected drunk driver hit and killed two bicyclists on Saturday as they were cycling across the state for the Make-A-Wish-Foundation.


Three other cyclists were injured in the crash in Ionia County.


The driver was arrested. Make-A-Wish said in a statement that their staff and the entire Make-A-Wish family are heartbroken and offer their deepest sympathy for the riders involved, and their loved ones.


They also canceled the third day of the event on Sunday out of respect for the families.


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Local High School Schedule & Scores

CSAA Baseball

MONDAY - 5/13

Reed City 0 @ Big Rapids 3

Reed City 3 @ Big Rapids 16 (5inn)

Lakeview 4 @ C Montcalm 14 (6inn)

Lakeview 4 @ C Montcalm 9

Tri County 5 @ Fremont 1

Tri County 8 @ Fremont 5 (6inn)

TUESDAY - 5/14

Chippewa Hills 5 @ Grant 4

Chippewa Hills 1 @ Grant 2

C Montcalm 7 @ Kent City 6

C Montcalm 12 @ Kent City 2

Big Rapids 13 @ Lakeview 1

Big Rapids 14 @ Lakeview 1 (5inn)

White Cloud 1 @ Morley Stanwood 2

White Cloud 11 @ Morley Stanwood 2

Tri County 1 @ Newaygo 3

Tri County 3 @ Newaygo 4


C Montcalm 4 @ Carson City 5

C Montcalm 24 @ Carson City 8 (5inn)

Manistee 3 @ Reed City 4 (6inn)

Manistee 12 @ Reed City 12 (5inn)

FRIDAY - 5/17

Big Rapids 0 @ Byron Center 4

Big Rapids 1 @ Byron Center 3

Kent City 6 @ E Jordan 3

Mancelona 3 @ Kent City 0

Lakeview 3 @ Grant 8

Lakeview 1 @ Grant 13 (5inn)

Ravenna 8 @ Newaygo 15

Ravenna 1 @ Newaygo 2

Morley Stanwood 2 @ Chip Hills 10

Morley Stanwood 2 @ Chip Hills 10

Tri County 6 @ White Cloud 8

Tri County 8 @ White Cloud 3


Inland Lakes 4 @ Big Rapids 7

Big Rapids 1 @ Beal City 11

Fremont 4 @ White Cloud 1

Fremont 5 @ Newaygo 10 (6inn)

Hesperia 2 @ Grant 12 (6inn)

Grant 2 @ Newaygo 1

Clare 22 @ Reed City 2 (4inn)

Ludington 13 @ Reed City 1


CSAA Softball

MONDAY - 5/13

Reed City 8 @ Big Rapids 10

Reed City 0 @ Big Rapids 9

Lakeview 0 @ C Montcalm 10 (5inn)

Lakeview 1 @ C Montcalm 1 (6inn)

TUESDAY - 5/14

Chip Hills 9 @ Grant 14

Chip Hills 9 @ Grant 10

C Montcalm 7 @ Kent City 6

C Montcalm 12 @ Kent City 2

Big Rapids 14 @ Lakeview 1 (6inn)

Big Rapids 16 @ Lakeview 0 (5inn)


C Montcalm 0 @ Sacred Heart 15 (5inn)

C Montcalm 1 @ Sacred Heart 8


Cadillac 0 @ Reed City 19 (3inn)

Cadillac 0 @ Reed City 11 (5inn)

FRIDAY - 5/17

Lakeview 0 @ N Branch 10 (6inn)


Big Rapids 2 @ Dakota 12

Big Rapids 4 @ Oakridge 5

Big Rapids 9 @ Canton 4

Grant 2 @ Newaygo 1

Holton 1 @ Reed City 1

Ludington 0 @ Reed City 7

SUNDAY - 5/19

Big Rapids 14 @ Milan 2

CSAA Softball Standings

1.) Big Rapids: 16-0

2.) Reed City: 16-2

3.) Newaygo: 11-3

4.) Kent City: 9-6

5.) Central Montcalm: 7-5

6.) Grant: 6-8

7.) Morley Stanwood: 4-7

8.) White Cloud: 3-11

9.) Lakeview: 2-12

10.) Chip Hills: 0-10

11.) Tri County: 0-10

(from available data)

CSAA Baseball Standings

1) Big Rapids: 17-1 | +172 -42 (+130)

2) Chippewa Hills: 11-5 | +91 -57 (+34)

3) Grant: 12-6 | 107 -57 (+50)

4) Newaygo: 12-6 | +104 -65 (+39)

5) Central Montcalm: 10-6 | +109 -71 (+38)

6) Reed City: 11-7 | +125 -81 (+44)

7) White Cloud: 8-10 | +79 -117 (-38)

8) Morley Stanwood: 6-12 | +57 -117 (-60)

9) Kent City: 5-13 | +86 -144 (-58)

10) Tri County: 4-14 | +89 -147 (-58)

11) Lakeview: 0-16 | +60 -181 (-121)

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