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News That Affects You Archives for 2019-02

Health Department looking for Mecosta Co. residents to participate in heart health program

The Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) has awarded grant funds to health partners in Lake and Mecosta Counties to help reduce the rise of heart disease in adults and increase access to health care services over the next three years.


Karen Ripke with the District Health Department #10 says the Live Well For Your Heart program will allow participants to learn about leading a healthier life, ways to reduce heart disease and get those participants connected to different services like diabetes classes, weight management, high blood pressure management, dental care, tobacco use and more.


In order to participate in this program the requirements are; being between the ages of 30-74 years old, never been told you have heart disease, you live in or receive health services in Mecosta or Lake Counties, agree to complete the heart age calculator annually and agree to keep in touch with the program for the next three years (1-3 calls a year)


The deadline to sign up is April 30th.


For more information, click HERE

Frozen food recall

Another food recall to tell you about.


Boston Market recalling some of its frozen dinners after customers complained about finding glass or hard plastic pieces in the food.


Be aware if you have any Boston Market Homestyle Meals Boneless Pork Rib Shaped Patty with BBQ Sauce and Mashed Potatoes.


The packages have “best by” dates of 12-07-2019. No injuries have been reported at this time.

Downtown Big Rapids in the America's Best Main Streets Contest

Downtown Big Rapids is in the running for the fourth annual America's Main Street Contest.


The contest focuses on communities with small businesses that help their main streets do well.


The public votes for their favorite main streets with the first round of voting ending April 21st.


To vote for Downtown Big Rapids click HERE 

Run Water Advisory still in effect for the City of Big Rapids

In an update, the “Run Water Advisory” for the City of Big Rapids continues.


This comes nearly a month after the advisory was enacted for city residents.


According to City Officials, underground frost levels are still three and a half to four feet deep. Running a pencil lead-size stream of water at all times is still advised to prevent frozen water pipes.


Water bills are being adjusted for those on the Run Water Advisory List; get on the list by calling the Utility Clerk at 231-592-4005.

Polar Plunge benefiting Area 5 Special Olympics takes place Saturday

Are you ready to take the plunge? The 11th Annual Polar Plunge takes place this weekend on Chippewa Lake in Mecosta County.


The event benefits over 70 Area 5 Special Olympics athletes from Mecosta and Osceola Counties.


Registration begins at 11 a.m. at East Bay General Store, and the parade of plungers will be at 12:30 p.m.


Following the plunge, the After Splash Bash will take place at the Chippewa Lake Community Building, where awards will be given out to the groups and individuals who raise the most money.


To register or to donate to a group click HERE

Michigan to join 15 other states to file injunction against President Trump's "National Emergency" declaration

Michigan will join in a lawsuit seeking an injunction against President Trump's national emergency declaration.


Attorney General Dana Nessel announced Monday night that the state would join 15 others saying the declaration of a national emergency is a "manufactured crisis" and a "publicity stunt" that will raid federal funding and cost millions.


In a statement, Nessel said the declaration will redirect federal funding already appropriated for the state and divert it toward building a wall along the U-S and Mexico border.

Bill introduced to crack down on distracted driving

New legislation has been introduced to change the distracted driving law in Michigan.


Northern Michigan republican Representative Tristan Cole wants to add reading an email or sending a message on a cell phone to the list of banned activities for drivers.


Currently the law bans texting while driving. Cole’s plan also limits new drivers under the age of 18 from talking or listening to a cellphone call while driving except in the case of an emergency.


Another bill, introduced would increase fines for drivers who text while driving from 100-dollars to 250-dollars for first time violators.


The penalty would increase from 200-dollars to 500-dollars for a second violation.

UPDATE: Woman; three children found dead in Kent County home

The Kent County Sheriff's Department confirms the shooting deaths of three girls and their mother was a case of murders and suicide.


Investigators say Aubrianne Moore shot her three daughters, ages two, six and eight, with a hunting-style rifle in a wooded area in Solon Township, north of Grand Rapids Monday afternoon.


After the shootings, Moore put the children in her car and drove them a short distance to their home.


Moore then shot herself outside the car.



The Kent County Sheriff's Department is trying to find out what led to the shooting deaths of three young children and their mother.


The bodies were found at a home in northern Kent County, north of Grand Rapids.


Family members say the kids were two, six and eight years old.


Authorities say there were two crime scenes and the children may have been shot in a different location from where they were found.


The Sheriff, Michelle LaJoye-Young, said there is no threat to the public, and murder-suicide is one of the possibilities under investigation.


People living in the area were asked to give any security video to investigators.

State House Rep. from Manton wants to reform snow day policy for schools

A State House Republican from Manton says she's working on a policy fix for the current snow day issue affecting schools across Michigan.


Current law requires schools to hold 180 school days and 1,098 classroom hours each year to receive state funding.


Michele Hoitenga’s proposal would allow schools to choose between the two, rather than mandating they meet both requirements.


Hoitenga says “Schools should never be put in a situation where they must sacrifice the safety of their students to ensure funding from the state.”


The representative spoke with superintendents throughout the district to weigh every option; this plan being one of them.


Hoitenga said she would like to see a change like this be retroactive to ensure schools maintain current funding for the 2018-19 school year.

Mt. Pleasant man arrested in connection to armed robbery

One man is in custody while police are looking for two other suspects connected to an armed robbery in Mt. Pleasant.


Isabella County Sheriff Michael Main says deputies arrested 20-year old Douglas Gale of Mount Pleasant.


The Sheriff says an investigation started when police were called to Timber Creek Apartments early Sunday morning when the victims had posted a purposely edited image on social media as a joke, showing them with a large amount of cash.


Later, an acquaintance came to their apartment with two other men, demanding the cash they saw in the picture.


Deputies say two of them had handguns.


When the trio learned there was no money, they demanded prescription drugs and left.


The sheriff’s office says it’s currently working to identify the other two suspects in the robbery. 

Howard City man arrested on felony charges following domestic incident

A 29-year old Howard City man is behind bars awaiting arraignment after being arrested on felonious assault charges.


According to the Montcalm Co. Sheriff's Office, the incident occurred Saturday at a home on Joy Street.


Police say the 25-year old female victim called authorities after she was allegedly physically assaulted and threatened with a weapon by her boyfriend.


The suspect left before law enforcement officials arrived. The area, as well as other possible locations the suspect may have fled to, was checked.


The suspect was eventually taken into custody in Ionia by the Ionia County Sheriff’s Office.


The suspect is currently in the Montcalm County Jail charged with Assault With Intent To Do Great Bodily Harm Less Than Murder, Assault With A Dangerous Weapon, and Domestic Assault.


The suspect is expected to be arraigned later today.


The woman went to Kelsey Spectrum Hospital for treatment of minor injuries and was released.

Three injured in car accident in Mecosta County

Three people were taken to the hospital after a crash in Mecosta County over the weekend.


It happened Saturday night around 11:30 p.m. at 20th Avenue, north of 9 Mile Road in Wheatland Township. 


Authorities say the 20-year-old driver from Holland lost control of the vehicle while swerving for a deer and hit a large rock, causing the vehicle to roll over into a frozen creek bed.


The driver and two passengers, a 20-year-old Grand Rapids man and an 18-year-old Rockford woman, were taken to the hospital for non-life threatening injuries.

Police looking for leads in 2017 firebombing case in Lake County

A larger reward is being offered for information in a firebombing case in Lake County.


The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives has doubled their reward to $10,000 and the Detroit Crime Commission is offering a reward of $5,000.


The firebombing occurred in April of 2017 when someone threw Molotov cocktails into an Idlewild home with a five year old girl sleeping inside.


Everyone escaped from the home without injury, but the home was a total loss.


Anyone with information should call 1-888-AFT-TIPS or the Lake County Sheriff's Office at 231-745-2711

Reed City placed under a Run Water Advisory

According to City Manager Ron Howell, residents need to start running their water.   


The extremely cold temperatures have caused the frost to reach a depth of 44 inches in Reed City and may go deeper.


Howell says the recent snow fall did provide some insulation but the warming temperatures and rain followed by colder weather have now brought back the potential for freezing water mains and service lines.


Reed City water customers are advised that if they believe their water line is in danger of freezing to call City Hall and notify the utility billing clerk so they can be put on the “Run Water” list. Customers are reminded that only a small stream of water the size of a pencil lead is recommended to prevent a freezing service line.


Those customers on the Run Water List shall be credited in accordance with City Code 1040.10:

For each month the “run water” notice is active, the Department shall credit said consumer’s bill in the amount of the difference between the amount metered in that month, and the average of the consumer’s meter for the three months preceding the issuance of the “run water” notice. In no case, however, may said consumer’s credit for such a month exceed the fee for the use of 6,000 gallons per month.

Blood Drives planned in Reed City and Big Rapids due to shortage

The cold weather has been leading to a blood shortage.


Spectrum Heath Big Rapids and Reed City Hospitals are asking for residents to donate blood.


A blood drive will take place tomorrow in the Reed City hospital parking lot at the Michigan Blood Bus from 10am-3pm and March 18th from 11am-5pm at the Big Rapids hospital.


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Local High School Schedule & Scores

CSAA Baseball

MONDAY - 5/13

Reed City 0 @ Big Rapids 3

Reed City 3 @ Big Rapids 16 (5inn)

Lakeview 4 @ C Montcalm 14 (6inn)

Lakeview 4 @ C Montcalm 9

Tri County 5 @ Fremont 1

Tri County 8 @ Fremont 5 (6inn)

TUESDAY - 5/14

Chippewa Hills 5 @ Grant 4

Chippewa Hills 1 @ Grant 2

C Montcalm 7 @ Kent City 6

C Montcalm 12 @ Kent City 2

Big Rapids 13 @ Lakeview 1

Big Rapids 14 @ Lakeview 1 (5inn)

White Cloud 1 @ Morley Stanwood 2

White Cloud 11 @ Morley Stanwood 2

Tri County 1 @ Newaygo 3

Tri County 3 @ Newaygo 4


C Montcalm 4 @ Carson City 5

C Montcalm 24 @ Carson City 8 (5inn)

Manistee 3 @ Reed City 4 (6inn)

Manistee 12 @ Reed City 12 (5inn)

FRIDAY - 5/17

Big Rapids 0 @ Byron Center 4

Big Rapids 1 @ Byron Center 3

Kent City 6 @ E Jordan 3

Mancelona 3 @ Kent City 0

Lakeview 3 @ Grant 8

Lakeview 1 @ Grant 13 (5inn)

Ravenna 8 @ Newaygo 15

Ravenna 1 @ Newaygo 2

Morley Stanwood 2 @ Chip Hills 10

Morley Stanwood 2 @ Chip Hills 10

Tri County 6 @ White Cloud 8

Tri County 8 @ White Cloud 3


Inland Lakes 4 @ Big Rapids 7

Big Rapids 1 @ Beal City 11

Fremont 4 @ White Cloud 1

Fremont 5 @ Newaygo 10 (6inn)

Hesperia 2 @ Grant 12 (6inn)

Grant 2 @ Newaygo 1

Clare 22 @ Reed City 2 (4inn)

Ludington 13 @ Reed City 1


CSAA Softball

MONDAY - 5/13

Reed City 8 @ Big Rapids 10

Reed City 0 @ Big Rapids 9

Lakeview 0 @ C Montcalm 10 (5inn)

Lakeview 1 @ C Montcalm 1 (6inn)

TUESDAY - 5/14

Chip Hills 9 @ Grant 14

Chip Hills 9 @ Grant 10

C Montcalm 7 @ Kent City 6

C Montcalm 12 @ Kent City 2

Big Rapids 14 @ Lakeview 1 (6inn)

Big Rapids 16 @ Lakeview 0 (5inn)


C Montcalm 0 @ Sacred Heart 15 (5inn)

C Montcalm 1 @ Sacred Heart 8


Cadillac 0 @ Reed City 19 (3inn)

Cadillac 0 @ Reed City 11 (5inn)

FRIDAY - 5/17

Lakeview 0 @ N Branch 10 (6inn)


Big Rapids 2 @ Dakota 12

Big Rapids 4 @ Oakridge 5

Big Rapids 9 @ Canton 4

Grant 2 @ Newaygo 1

Holton 1 @ Reed City 1

Ludington 0 @ Reed City 7

SUNDAY - 5/19

Big Rapids 14 @ Milan 2

CSAA Softball Standings

1.) Big Rapids: 16-0

2.) Reed City: 16-2

3.) Newaygo: 11-3

4.) Kent City: 9-6

5.) Central Montcalm: 7-5

6.) Grant: 6-8

7.) Morley Stanwood: 4-7

8.) White Cloud: 3-11

9.) Lakeview: 2-12

10.) Chip Hills: 0-10

11.) Tri County: 0-10

(from available data)

CSAA Baseball Standings

1) Big Rapids: 17-1 | +172 -42 (+130)

2) Chippewa Hills: 11-5 | +91 -57 (+34)

3) Grant: 12-6 | 107 -57 (+50)

4) Newaygo: 12-6 | +104 -65 (+39)

5) Central Montcalm: 10-6 | +109 -71 (+38)

6) Reed City: 11-7 | +125 -81 (+44)

7) White Cloud: 8-10 | +79 -117 (-38)

8) Morley Stanwood: 6-12 | +57 -117 (-60)

9) Kent City: 5-13 | +86 -144 (-58)

10) Tri County: 4-14 | +89 -147 (-58)

11) Lakeview: 0-16 | +60 -181 (-121)

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